Alvise Vivarini

Alvise Vivarini | Virgin and Child

Alvise Vivarini

Alvise Vivarini was born between 1442 and 1453 in Venice.
He trained in the family workshop with his father Antonio Vivarini and his uncle Bartolomeo, specializing in altarpiece painting.

Alvise Vivarini | sacred conversation

Biography of Alvise Vivarini

Alvise’s first work is the polyptych of the convent in Monte Fiorentino (Urbino National Gallery) dated 1476.

His style was influenced by all the novelties introduced by Antonello da Messina and by Giovanni Bellini, improving the artistic style of the family workshop.
The brightness, the exact definition of the shapes, and the use of colour show how Alvise was ready to carry the Venetian painting to the Renaissance.

Towards the end of his career, Alvise was commissioned to paint the large altarpiece for the Scuola dei Milanesi in the Basilica dei Frari in Venice. It was completed by Marco Basalti after Alvise’s death (1503-1505).

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portrait of a man | Alvise Vivarini

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