Arezzo Cathedral: artworks and itinerary

Arezzo | Duomo


Visiting the Arezzo Cathedral is both an artistic and a spiritual experience.
If you visit Arezzo don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover this art treasure by following the itinerary planned to enjoy each aspect of this place.

 Arezzo Cathedral

Arezzo | Cathedral interior

Arezzo Cathedral interior

You can visit the Arezzo Cathedral and admire its artworks by following a religious but also a historic-artistic itinerary.
I recommend that you visit it by following the complete itinerary, perhaps with an audio guide that will allow you to understand the history of the Cathedral, discover the beauty of the Bishop’s Palace and admire the fundamental works of the Diocesan Museum.
At the end of this post you will find information on how to book tickets and organise your visit.


Arch of St. Donatus

The starting point of the tour to discover the Arezzo Cathedral is the Arch of St. Donatus, housing the remains of the patron saint of Arezzo and second bishop of the city.
It’s a precious shrine that, from the dark of the church, glows with light thanks to polished marbles and glass inserts.

Cycle of stained glass windows by Guillaume de Marcillat

Light is the element that characterizes the cycle of stained glass windows by Guillaume de Marcillat, executed between 1516 and 1524.
In 1520 the artist was commissioned the decoration of the ceiling of the first three vaults of the central nave of the Cathedral with biblical scenes, in which the painter shows his tribute to  Michelangelo’s works.

Madonna del Conforto

Inside the Cathedral is the chapel of the Madonna del Conforto, executed after a miracle happened on February 15th 1796: the small image of the Virgin was reportedly shone and the earthquake striking the city, ended.

Fresco by Piero della Francesca

The Arezzo Cathedral houses many other masterpieces from different ages and artists, including the fresco by Piero della Francesca depicting the solemn figure of “Mary Magdalene maybe painted in 1459.
The light, still the protagonist, comes from the left-hand side, and highlights the delicate facial features and emphasizes the perspective research conducted by the painter.

Arezzo Cathedral | artworks

Arezzo Cathedral interior


The itinerary continues in front of the Cathedral where the Palazzo Vescovile stands. Since 2011 it has been home to the MUDAS Museum – Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra (Diocesan museum of sacred art), a museum occupying five rooms and displaying a collection of paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, liturgical vestments and jewellery coming from the diocesan territory, while on the first floor you can admire the painting collection, frescoes by Teofilo Torri and the Camera dei Papi.

MUDAS Museum – Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra: rooms of the museum

Among the most important artworks of the museum the first room contains three rare crucifixes painted on wood, dating back to the late 12th century and the early 13th century.
The second room is dedicated to the theme of the Annunciation, while the third room houses works by Bartolomeo della Gatta, a Florentine Camaldolese monk, and also an innovative painter, who lived and worked for a long time in Arezzo.
The fourth room is dedicated to Giorgio Vasari, but houses also works by other painters, including the predella of a panel by Luca Signorelli.
The last room contains paintings, wood sculptures, terracotta items and precious liturgical objects.

You shouldn’t miss: the precious “Pace di Siena, a splendid example of jewellery from France-Flanders dating back to the early 15th century.

Arezzo | Museum

MUDAS Museum – Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra: rooms of the museum


When you arrive in Arezzo, its historic cathedral is one of the stops you can’t miss.
You can retrace the history of the city with an audio-guided tour that takes you inside the imposing Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum and inside the Bishop’s Palace.

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