Art trails: works of art in nature

T-yong Chung | Shining

T-yong Chung, Shining, 2022_ ph. Matteo Schiavoni 


Whenever you get close to art, you end up taking long walks in which you pass through the halls of a museum, gallery or exhibition, but there is also the possibility that these paths are art trails.
Have you ever admired works of art surrounded by nature?

Here’s where to go to admire works of art in nature.

works of art in nature

Italo Zuffi | Una specie di illusione

Italo Zuffi, Una specie di illusione, 2022_ ph. Matteo Schiavoni

In the Ampezzo Dolomites, the event Sentieri d’arte (Art Trails) takes place, offering an artistic journey through a landscape that is already a masterpiece, since the Dolomites have been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2009.


On 23 July 2022, the exhibition I giardini di Artemide (The Gardens of Artemis) will be inaugurated in these places, set up in the first part of the Pian de ra Spines path, located near Fiames, characterised by the presence of woods and the sinuosities of the Boite river bed. In the second part of the path, it will be possible to admire the permanent works created for the 2021 edition of Sentieri d’arte by artists Benni Bosetto, Cuoghi Corsello, Dado and Maurizio Mercuri.
The exhibition features works by Margherita Morgantin and Italo Zuffi, in addition to those created in the spring by T-yong Chung, during a workshop at the Liceo Artistico di Cortina.

Art trails

The title of the exhibition refers to a literary guidebook for hikers written by the poet and climber Giovanni Cenacchi, who was able to describe the peculiarities of this area in a penetrating and refined manner in the volume Dolomiti cuore d’Europa (Hoepli, 2021).


After the success of the first two editions, this summer the Sentieri d’arte exhibition, curated by Fulvio Chimento and Carlotta Minarelli, returns to the Ampezzo Dolomites from 23 July to 3 November with the exhibition I giardini di Artemide (The Gardens of Artemis), which includes interventions by Margherita Morgantin and Italo Zuffi.

Art Paths 2022. Third edition
The Gardens of Artemis
Artists: Margherita Morgantin, Italo Zuffi
Artist in residence at Liceo Rimoldi Cortina: T-yong Chung
Venue: Cortina, Pian de ra Spines path (entrance on the Olympia campsite side)
Curated by: Fulvio Chimento and Carlotta Minarelli
Period: 23 July – 3 November 2022



For I giardini di Artemide (The Gardens of Artemis), Margherita Morgantin proposed the idea of a mini-residence at high altitude connected to the Pian de ra Spines path, where there are two arrows inserted in the trunk of trees: one points in the direction of Baita Lerosa (at an altitude of 2071 metres near Forcella Lerosa), where the artist spends her residence; the other is oriented towards the Piccola Croda Rossa (a refuge near Lake Fosses) where shepherds spend the summer months leading their flocks to the mountain pastures.

Morgantin ideally transforms the small hut nestled in the Dolomite landscape into a meteorological and astronomical observation camp, a place dedicated to meditation, drawing and writing, in which to collect data and signs that will flow into a printed publication that will give breath to this experience.
On the outer enclosure of Baita Lerosa, the artist places a third arrow with a transparent quartz time link tip, pointing towards the morning star, Venus, at a precise time of the year, a tribute to the figure of Artemis.
Inside the hut, a drusa of amethyst from Uruguay with the welcoming shape of a small grotto/grotto forms the ‘receiver’ of the signal from one of the arrows in the valley bottom, creating an energetic link between the two points.


Margherita Morgantin | Arawa Aramis Anaramis Akawa

Margherita Morgantin, Arawa Aramis Anaramis Akawa, 2022_ ph. Matteo Schiavoni


Italo Zuffi presents two site-specific interventions.

A kind of illusion, which the artist places at the edge of the Pian de ra Spines path, is a sculpture consisting of two keys and a key ring, on which the word ‘forest’ is written: all the elements of the composition are enlarged twenty times their actual size, giving the impression that they have accidentally fallen out of the pocket of a gigantic creature that inhabits these forests, perhaps Artemis herself.
Matching looks like a simple spoon carved from a single piece of wood, but with an overly elongated handle. The work is placed on one of the branches of the fir trees in the Pian de ra Spines forest, exposed to the elements for as long as it can, due to its thinness.

Both works, which present everyday objects in unexpected contexts and dimensions, appear distorted by a sort of optical mechanism, in the first case by a magnifying glass that seems to act in the dimension of “gigantism”, while in the second case the gaze seems to be crossed by a deforming lens, which determines a playful tension on the way reality is perceived.

Italo Zuffi | Abbinamento

Italo Zuffi, Abbinamento, 2022_ ph. Matteo Schiavoni


T-yong Chung has created two site-specific installations on the Pian de ra Spines trail.

Shining, consisting of five chains with brass hoops of different sizes, hung from the fir trees in the forest, seems to circumscribe a sacred area within the vegetation, as if the artist had created defined, but at the same time very aerial, theatrical wings.
The second intervention entitled Traccia (Cortina d’Ampezzo) consists of brass bowls turned upside down on some Dolomite rock boulders, which are usually used by walkers to sit, rest and observe the landscape.
The golden bowls create a harmonious contrast with the rock, transforming each boulder into a sculpture, and are a reference to the Goddess Artemis in that they were customarily used to receive food and fruit at banquets offered to the deity as a good omen of prosperity.

T-yong Chung | Traccia | Cortina d'Ampezzo

T-yong Chung, Traccia (Cortina d_Ampezzo), 2022_ ph. Matteo Schiavoni

Organised by: Associazione Controcorrente, Regole d’Ampezzo, Liceo Artistico Rimoldi di Cortina.
Under the patronage of: Municipality of Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Graphic design: Quiqueg creative agency (Milan)
Entrance: free

Information for the public: –; Tel. +39 0436 866222

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