Berlin what to see: travel advice for art and museum lovers

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Berlin what to see if you’re an art and a museum lover?
If you don’t know where to start from and you need some ideas to plan a trip to Berlin in the name of culture, you’d better read this post.

I made a list of the things to do and see to visit Berlin and discover all its history.

Berlin what to see


Berlin’s museums are many and many are unmissable.
If you visit the capital of Germany, in fact, you must enter the Pergamon Museum and admire the Greek sculptures on exhibition or stop in front of the Ishtar Gate, one of the doors from the city of Babylon and thus a piece of what is considered one of the  7 wonders of the world.
In addition, you can’t miss the visit to the Neues Museum and take a close look at the famous bust of Nefertiti.

If you’re undecided and you don’t know where to start your visit to Berlin’s museums from, you’d better get a Museum Island ticket (Museumsinsel).
It’ a unique ticket which grants the direct access, by skipping the line, to the city’s most important museums gathering in one place called the museum island.

This ticket is the ideal solution to explore Berlin’s most important art collections, but it allows you also to save money and time, giving you a direct access to the museums.
To book the ticket, go to the page  – Museum Island Berlin

DDR Museum

inside the DDR Museum


Remains of the famous Berlin Wall are scattered around the city, but little is known about the life in the former East Germany.
But there’s a museum, the DDR Museum, which is like an open door to that piece on history of Berlin which for many years was hidden and isolated from the Western world.

The DDR Museum allows visitors to experience first-hand objects from the former East Germany, rummage through drawers and sneak in the rooms furnished with original furniture, go aboard the Trabant, the typical car of that period.

The line at the entrance is always rather long, because it’s a place very popular with tourists as well as Berliners. To avoid waiting in line, book on the page – Skip the Line: Berlin DDR Museum Tickets

In addition, don’t miss the East Side Gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall more than one kilometer long, and located in the area of former East Berlin. It’s the world’s longest open-air art gallery because it consists of more than one hundred murals painted by artists coming from all over the world.


The history of Berlin is closely linked to Nazism and the history of Jewish community, and there are many landmarks all around the city, such as the New Synagogue and the historic cemetery, which make Berlin an open-air museum, form this point of view.

Through many tours you can cross the city and retrace the history of the Berlin Jewish community, family affairs and events of illustrious personalities, visit the places of memories dedicated to victims of Deportation and Holocaust

To choose the tour which can meet your needs, take a look at the page which compares many experiences and makes you to choose them depending on duration and price – Jewish Heritage Berlin: Tickets and Tours

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