Borghese Gallery works: masterpieces you can’t miss

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Borghese Gallery works and marvels of one of the most fascinating museums in Italy. Surrounded by the largest park in Rome, it houses the works of the stunning art collection of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, favourite nephew of Pope Paul V, and patron of many artists from the 16th and 17th centuries.
In this post I’ll suggest which works you must see.

Let me know what you think of my selection and write in the comments  other works of art in your opinion should be admired carefully at the Borghese Gallery. ?

Borghese Galley works: the masterpieces you must see


Before visiting the Borghese Gallery you need to book your entrance ticket. In fact, a maximum of people are admitted at a time and it often happens that the tickets are all sold out.

Booking allows you to choose the day and fix the time of entry, subject to availability. To book go to the page with all the information on Borghese Gallery Tickets.

Here are the works you must see!

Apollo and Daphne
One of the most beautiful sculpture groups in Baroque art, it was Cardinal Scipione Borghese who commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to make it.
The extraordinary ability of Bernini to carve marble, the attention to details and the complex composition made this work a real masterpiece.

Apollo and Daphne | Bernini

Apollo and Daphne by Bernini

Amor Sacro e Amor Profano (Sacred and Profane love)
This is probably the most mysterious painting made by Titian.
According to scholars the painting is an allegory of two kinds of love: vulgar love and celestial love.
A wonderful and mysterious painting to be admired for a long time!

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Titian | Amor Sacro e Amor Profano

Titian, Amor Sacro e Amor Profano

Pauline Bonaparte
This sculpture was commissioned in 1805 by Camilo Borghese, Pauline’s husband.
The woman was Napoleon Bonaparte’s beautiful and powerful sister, here portrayed as Venus.
The statue is one of the highest point of Canova’s art and 19th-century sculpture, but is also an engineering masterpiece: in fact, the couch is provided with a mechanism that allows the sculpture to be rotated and to be admired from all angles.

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Canova | Pauline Bonaparte

Canova, Pauline Bonaparte

Basket of Fruit
This is one of the paintings executed by Caravaggio in Rome, when he was working in the workshop of Giuseppe Cesari, known as Cavalier D’Arpino, a very important artist at the time.
The Basket of Fruit is very similar to the “Still Life” painted some time before by Caravaggio in Milan and whose importance is described in the post Still Life, Caravaggio’s  Basket of Fruit.

Caravaggio | Basket of Fruit

Caravaggio, Basket of Fruit

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2 thoughts on “Borghese Gallery works: masterpieces you can’t miss

  1. Il mio amore per l’Arte è stato sempre poderoso. Ho visitato il Museo di Villa Borghese due volte e sono rimasto shoccato dalla bellezza di tutte opere esposte, quella di Paolina Borghese del Canova mi ha stregato. Noi Italiani dovremmo essere orgogliosissimi di vivere in un Paese che gode di milioni e milioni di meraviglie e i nostri comportamenti quotidiani dovrebbero essere improntati su questo amore suggestivo che proviamo per questo nostro mondo dell’Arte.

    • Siamo un Paese meraviglioso e siamo talmente abituati alla bellezza che la diamo per scontata.
      Dovremmo passare più tempo nei musei e conoscere meglio ciò che abbiamo ricevuto in eredità da chi ci ha preceduto, partendo dai tesori piccoli e grandi del territorio in cui viviamo. Non c’è luogo d’Italia che non abbia qualche capolavoro o tesoro da custodire e ammirare 🙂

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