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Going to Mexico with tickets to the Frida Kahlo Museum already in your pocket is the first thing to do when planning your trip and if you want to get to know Mexico’s most important artist, who has become an icon throughout the world.
By purchasing tickets for the Frida Kahlo Museum in advance, you can be sure of entering the house where one of the most important women of the 20th century was born, grew up and lived.

Here, then, is all the information you need to book tickets for Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo Museum.

Frida Kahlo Museum Tickets

Casa Azul is located in Coyoacán, a quiet neighbourhood in Mexico City, and houses the history, objects, memories and works of Frida Kahlo.
It was the artist herself, before she died, who wanted this house to become what it is today: the Frida Kahlo Museum.

Today, Casa Azul is one of the most visited museums in Mexico City, so it is important to plan your visit well in advance.


Tickets to see the Frida Kahlo Museum can be bought in 3 ways:

1 – at the museum ticket office but you may find an endless line to get in and you are not sure if you will be able to get in. If all available tickets are sold on that day, you risk being left out!

2 – by booking online, choosing the day and time of entry and skipping the queue.
This way you will enter immediately at the time you set when you made your reservation.
You can also book now using the calendar below.

Please note: the ticket price also includes admission to the Diego Rivera – Anahuacalli Museum, which is about a 45-minute bus ride from the Frida Kahlo Museum, in the same neighbourhood of Coyoacán.

3 – by choosing a Guided Tour that will allow you to learn anecdotes and stories about Frida Kahlo’s life, her works and the places where she was born and grew up.


The address of the Frida Kahlo Museum is: Calle Londres 247, Colonia del Carmen, Coyoacán

The museum is open on: Tuesday (10am-6pm), Wednesday (11am-6pm), Thursday to Sunday (10am-6pm). Closed on Mondays.


Once you have purchased tickets to the Frida Kahlo Museum you will be able to enter this fabulous place and enjoy the artist’s great masterpieces.
Remember that there are some of Frida’s works that you absolutely cannot miss before you leave, in fact there are at least two masterpieces and one room that you cannot miss.

  1. Frida y la cesarea
    A work that depicts one of Frida’s most heartfelt themes: motherhood.
    She created this work after her first miscarriage and, as painting for Frida was a way of exorcising her fears, she managed to transform pain into art.
  2. Viva la vida
    The last painting made by Frida Kahlo is a hymn to life that the artist finished eight days before her death at Casa Azul.
  3. Frida’s Bedroom
    In the artist’s room is the bed with the ceiling mirror, which her mother had installed so that Frida could paint after the terrible accident in 1925. Art was her salvation and allowed her to process and communicate her pain to the world until the end.

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