Castelvecchio Museum in Verona: works, information and curious fact

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Visiting Verona by starting from Castelvecchio Museum or from Juliet’s House?
I have no doubt!
The first stop in Verona must be Castelvecchio!

In this post you’ll find all you need to know about Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, from works to see to practical information to visit it and curious facts about this unique place.

Castelvecchio Museum in Verona

Castelvecchio | museo

The first thing to see in Verona is certainly Castelvecchio and its museum for two reasons.
The first is that it is the most important museum in Verona.
The second is that Castelvecchio is a medieval castle and is included, in this post of Expedia Explore among Italy’s 20 most beautiful medieval castles.
So, the visit to Castelvecchio Museum is a must see!


Castelvecchio Museum as we see it today is the result of a restoration carried out in the second half of the 20th century by architect Carlo Scarpa (one of the most famous Italian architects in the 20th century) who had to create a place to house Italian and European art inside the former fortress of the ancient rulers of Verona.
Over the centuries Castelvecchio always had the role of military building, and only in 1924 it became home to art collections of the city of Verona.


The visit to Castelvecchio Museum in Verona is unmissable for all history, art and architecture lovers.
The museum tour twists and turns through the fortress and the art works blend perfectly with original frescoes and external itineraries from which you can enjoy the view of the city.
Among its rooms you can retrace history of art thanks to a rich collection of medieval sculptures and works by Pisanello, Lippi, Jacopo Bellini, Tintoretto, Mantegna, and Rubens.

Three paintings you can’t miss at the Castelvecchio Museum:

  1. The “Madonna of the Quail”,painted in 1420, is the first work attributed with certainty to Pisanello;
  2. The Lady of Licnidi” by Rubens, which according to scholars portrays the daughter of Philip II the Great, who was the artist’s patron;
  3. The “Portrait of a Child with a Drawing”by Giovan Francesco Caroto, dating back to 1523, depicting an original subject for the 16th century: a child with his own drawing.

Biglietti per il Museo di Castelvecchio

Castelvecchio Museum tickets

The full entrance ticket is € 6,00 and you don’t need to book your visit.
But you’d better buy the VeronaCard, which includes not only the entrance to the museum but also to the main monuments of the city, and gives you unlimited access to public transport.
To get your  VeronaCard go the page
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Museo Castelvecchio


What is considered Juliet’s House, the protagonist of the famous tragedy by William Shakespeare, is located in via Cappello in Verona.
In the courtyard of this medieval dwelling is Juliet’s balcony, coming right from Castelvecchio. In fact in 1935 the marble taken from the material no longer used in Castelvecchio was used to replace the former balcony of Juliet’s House.
And that’s how a part of Castelvecchio arrived in the Capulet family’s house!

balcone giulietta | Castelvecchio

La foto d’epoca in cui si vede il marmo di Castelvecchio presso la casa di Giulietta e prima della balcone.

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