The Coppa Barovier, a masterpiece of Venetian glass art

Coppa Barovier | Musei Venezia

If you want to learn about the art of Venetian glassmaking, you have to start with its masterpiece: the Coppa Barovier.
It is in fact a work made in the 15th century and in this post I want to tell you about the historical and cultural importance of this cup, which is the highest example of the technical and artistic excellence of the craftsmen of the island of Murano and their ability to create works of art that have stood the test of time.

The Coppa Barovier is the symbol of Venetian culture in the world and is exhibited at the Murano Glass Museum in Venice. Knowing and admiring it means appreciating and preserving the culture and history of Murano glass art.

The Barovier Cup

Coppa Barovier | Vetro Murano

Coppa Barovier

The Barovier cup is the most famous and important example of Renaissance glass painted in polychrome enamel. In addition, it is one of the oldest preserved works of art and therefore a unique masterpiece.


The Coppa Barovier has a simple shape and is probably inspired by Chinese Ming porcelain, which was known in Venice since ancient times and could certainly be admired in the homes of 15th century Venetians.

The decoration of the bowl consists of two main scenes.
We observe the riding of the maidens towards the Fountain of Love or of Youth and the bathing of the maidens in the same fountain.
The event is described in two distinct moments interspersed with two roundels in which the profiles of a female and a male bust are observed.


Scholars agree that the Coppa Barovier is a nuptial cup and, in fact, the scenes depicted seem to be allegorical in nature and were considered auspicious for newlyweds of the time.
The theme of the fountain of youth was recurrent in 15th-century painting and the two characters depicted in the tondi wear clothes that were fashionable in 15th-century Italian courts.
These elements allow us to date the cup to 1460-1470.

Coppa Barovier | Murano


The Coppa Barovier is one of the best examples of how the art of Murano glassmaking has evolved over the centuries. It represents the technical and artistic excellence of Venetian glass masters and is a symbol of Venetian culture around the world. It is important to know about the Coppa Barovier and its history because it represents a significant part of the culture and history of Murano and Venice.

The Coppa Barovier is an example of how art and craftsmanship can influence and inspire culture and society as its beauty and technical mastery have inspired many generations of artists and craftsmen, and continue to do so today.
Its history and cultural importance make it an icon of the culture and history of Murano and Venice, and an example of how art and craftsmanship can influence and inspire society.
Getting to know the Coppa Barovier is a way to appreciate and preserve the culture and history of Murano glass art.

Venice is famous for its blown glass tradition. To find out more about this ancient Venetian art, I recommend visiting the Glass Museum on the island of Murano, where you can also admire the Coppa Barovier.
I also recommend you do not miss the other museums in Venice. For more information on what you must see and can’t miss, consult the guide on what to see in Venice, with the list of museums, exhibitions and places you should visit.

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