Crypto art at the Venice Biennale

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Crypto art at the Venice Biennale 2022 debuts with 19 of the most acclaimed artists of the moment.
Vanity Fair presents MetaVanity, the first museum in the Metaverse.
An unprecedented publishing project, a cultural outpost built on the model of the Pantheon in Rome.

MetaVanity is Vanity Fair’s first museum in the Metaverse

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This is the third chapter of Vanity Fair’s adventure in the Metaverse: the first came in 2021, with the NFT art cover dedicated to Elodie; the second came in February 2022, with the debut of Vanity Player One, the magazine’s avatar starring in a fashion shoot; the third, MetaVanity, proposes an even more ambitious project.

MetaVanity was built taking inspiration from the building of thePantheon in Rome.
It looks like this: an imposing central space, surmounted by an open dome as in the original monument, and 12 exhibition spaces where unprecedented experiences of knowledge and entertainment can be enjoyed.
Inside is a large exhibition featuring 19 of the most important and well-known artists of the international digital and crypto art scene.
From Skygolpe to Jesse Draxler, from Luna Ikuta to Quasimondo, visitors can move freely among their works and installations, and enjoy them in ways unthinkable in a traditional cultural environment.

Said Simone Marchetti, editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair Italy:

“This exhibition is just the beginning, the prelude to a work that aims to be the frontier of a new evolution of experience, knowledge, information and entertainment.

To visit MetaVanity, simply download the Hadem app, available free of charge on all platforms.
Hadem was programmed entirely in Unreal 4 (the graphics engine of Epic Games, the company that developed the famous video game Fortnite) and will soon also be available in an Oculus version, the revolutionary visor that allows for even more exciting involvement.

The artists in the exhibition are: Max Papeschi, Emanuele Dascanio, Quasimondo, Matt Kane, Skygolpe, Coldie, Jesse Draxler, Federico Clapis, Edo Bertoglio, Mimmo Dabbrescia, neurocolor, Billelis, Fabio Giampietro, Vhils, Kyle Kemink, Luna Ikuta, Dangiuz, Gammatrace, Stefano Contiero.

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