Depero the magician

Depero Ballerine


Dynamic, eclectic, brilliant. Fortunato Depero was an amazing creative artist.
In 1917 he signed together with Giacomo Balla the Manifesto of “Ricostruzione futurista dell’universo” (“Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe”) containing the idea of a total work of art, capable of assimilating all artistic languages. Then, Depero realized a big dream: to open the Casa d’arte futurista (the House of Futurist Art), specializing in commercial art, furniture and Applied Arts.

From March 18th to July 2nd 2017 the Fondazione Magnani Rocca (Magnani Rocca Foundation) will host a great exhibition dedicated to Fortunato Depero.


Depero copertina Vanity Fair

Over 100 works of art including paintings, collages, drawings, clothes, items of furniture, and advertisement, with the aim of celebrating this gifted artist who didn’t impose limits and rules to himself, because to him the important thing was to create, and still today he is able to astonish us.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between the Mart, Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto, and the Fondazione Magnani Rocca, and is curated by Nicoletta Boschiero, author of historical survey of Depero, and Stefano Roffi, scientific director of the Fondazione.

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Depero | mostre Parma

DEPERO il mago
Fondazione Magnani Rocca, via Fondazione Magnani Rocca 4, Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma).
18 march – 2 july 2017.


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2 thoughts on “Depero the magician

    • Grazie Salvatore, Depero è stato un artista importantissimo nel panorama internazionale.
      La sua casa d’arte futurista a Rovereto è veramente uno di quei luoghi dove tornare spesso per non dimenticarlo e non scordare una stagione creativa stupefacente che ha visto molti artisti italiani protagonisti.
      Grazie per il link su Pontedera 🙂

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