Exhibitions in Milan 2020: events not to be missed

mostre Milano 2020


Here are the exhibitions in Milan 2020, that is all the important events and not to be missed.

Obviously, it is impossible to list all the events but you can make a selection and this is mine!
Here then are the most important exhibitions to see in Milan in 2020 that you will find according to an order that starts from the last exhibition that opens to the public and ends with the first exhibition of the inaugurated year.
So the first on the list is also the most recent.

Exhibitions in Milan 2020: unmissable events

Journey beyond the darkness. Tutankhamon RealExperience®
Palazzo Reale

  • Journey beyond the darkness. Tutankhamon RealExperience®
    An exhibition and an experience, in part, immersive, to tell the most famous of the pharaohs and illustrate the conception of the afterlife of the ancient Egyptians, with a selection of precious original objects including the statue of the god Amun, with the somatic traits of the young Tutankhamun.
    For the first time, the so-called “Busca Kit” is assembled, which includes the mummy and the sarcophagus and a 7-meter long papyrus, datable to the 19th-20th dynasty, recovered just before 1850. The exhibit also displays various finds from collections private.

Exhibition promoted by Comune di Milano|Cultura, Palazzo Reale, Civita Mostre and Musei and Laboratoriorosso.
Scientific Committee chaired by Miroslav Barta and composto da Zahi Hawass, Christian E. Loeben, Liam McNamara and Gabriele Pieke.
When: 5 march – 14 june2020
Where: Milan, Palazzo Reale
Info: https://www.tutankhamonmilano.it

Passion and hope in the French art of the Vatican Museums
Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini

GAUGUIN, MATISSE, CHAGALL. Passione e speranza nell’arte francese dei Musei Vaticani

  • GAUGUIN, MATISSE, CHAGALL. Passion and hope in the French art of the Vatican Museums
    30 works by the protagonists of one of the most fertile and loved seasons of French art, such as Paul Gauguin, Auguste Rodin, Marc Chagall, Georges Rouault, Henri Matisse, Georges Braques, and others, from the Contemporary Art Collection of the Vatican Museums, able to retrace the sacred themes and the reflection around the themes related to the passion and resurrection of Christ.

Exhibition curated by Micol Forti, Vatican Museums, and Nadia Righi, direttrice del Museo Diocesano.
When: 21 february -17 may 2020
Where: Milan, Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini
Info: https://chiostrisanteustorgio.it

GEORGES DE LA TOUR. L’Europa della luce (The Europe of light)
Palazzo Reale


  • GEORGES DE LA TOUR. The Europe of light
    For the first time in Italy, an exhibition dedicated to Georges de La Tour. A unique exhibition considering that in Italy no La Tour works are preserved and there are just over 30 works certainly attributed to the artist.

Exhibition curated by Francesca Cappelletti.
When: 7 February – 7 June 2020
Where: Milan, Palazzo Reale
Info: www.palazzorealemilano.it

NOVECENTO PRIVATO. Da de Chirico a Vedova (From de Chirico to Vedova)
Galleria Bottegantica

Giorgio De Chirico | Autoritratto

  • NOVECENTO PRIVATO. From de Chirico to Vedova
    The great artists of ‘900 Italian return to the halls that, after the Second World War, had welcomed them as young protagonists of the art of their time.
    The exhibition is designed to be enjoyed by a wide audience, thanks also to an experimental didactic apparatus, able to guide the visitor to the deep understanding of each single work.

Exhibition curated by Stefano Bosi, Valerio Mazzetti Rossi, Enzo Savoia.
With the scientific advice of Fabio Benzi.
When: 17 January 2020 – 29 February 2020
Where: Milan, Galleria Bottegantica
Info: www.bottegantica.com

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