From Hayez to Boldini

 Maria Stuarda sale al patibolo | Francesco Hayez | mostre Brescia

Francesco Hayez, Maria Stuarda sale al patibolo


From Hayez to Boldini. If I had to choose what paintings to bring with me to a desert island, I’d certainly choose a painting of the Italian 19th century painting.
So, the exhibition scheduled in Brescia in order to celebrate the artistic season of the Italian 19th century painting really suits me, and maybe you’ll like it, too.
100 masterpieces to celebrate a century of Italian art.


The leading exponents of Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Scapigliatura, the Macchiaioli movement and Divisionism, from Canova to Appiani, from Hayez to Cremona, from Fattori to Inganni, from Segantini to De Nittis, from Zandomeneghi up to Boldini, will be the great protagonists of an important exhibition scheduled at Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia, from January 21st to June 11th 2017.

The exhibition entitled “Da Hayez a Boldini: Anime e volti della pittura italiana dell’Ottocento” (“From Hayez to Boldini. Faces and souls of the Italian 19th century painting”) will welcome you with Antonio Canova’s masterpiece “Amore e Psyche” (“Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”), which embodies the standards of neoclassical beauty.
Around the sculpture there are some representative paintings of Neoclassical artists, among whom there’s Andrea Appiani, Napoleon’s favourite painter, able to recall the sublime elegance of Raphael in his marvellous canvas “Venere allaccia il cinto a Giunone” (“Venus fastens the girdle for Juno”).
The protagonist of the section dedicated to Romanticism is Francesco Hayez, and then there are the Macchiaioli, the main protagonists of Divisionism and all the artists who lived intensely the period of the Belle Époque.

Giovanni Boldini | Ritratto della principessa Radziwill

Giovanni Boldini, Ritratto della principessa Radziwill

DA HAYEZ A BOLDINI. Anime e volti della pittura italiana dell’Ottocento
21 january – 11 june 2017

Brescia, Palazzo Martinengo (via dei Musei 30)


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