Flowers in the works of Zhang Le

Zhang Le | opere


The flowers in Zhang Le’s works are a combination of two contradictions: prosperity and vitality on the one hand and fragility and decay on the other.
A Chinese artist born in 1999, the charm of this contradictory combination is evident in Zhang Le’s paintings, where beauty is brief and fragile because flowering is always accompanied by rapid decay.

Flowers in the works of Zhang Le

Zhang Le | mostra

Zhang Le’s flowers are a symbol of life and fit into this context with the predominance of the vibrant colours of nature at its most fertile.

Zhang Le is a Chinese artist born in 1999.
He attended the Oil Painting course at HuaQiao University (2017 – 2021) and has been attending the Brera Academy of Fine Arts since 2021.

In Zhang Le’s works, the flower is a symbol of hope and life, but also of fragility and decay, as the artist states:


“I wish the world was covered in flowers to hide an increasingly cold and materialistic civilisation, waiting for a different kind of rebirth”.

Zhang Le | quadri


His works are on show in Milan in the group exhibition Wanderlust Summer.

Wanderlust Summer
WinArts – Via Carlo Ravizza, Milan
From 5 to 22 July 2022

For the first time, works by Zhang Le are presented in Italy, together with works by Iskra Shahaj and Nii Odai.


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