An exhibition dedicated to Lady Diana


In Turin an exhibition dedicated to Lady Diana to understand her importance of her figure at the end of the 20th century.

20 years have passed since that tragic accident which, on August 31st 1997, caused the death of Diana Spencer, which moved the public opinion, and not only those who loved that woman who was defined “The People’s Princess”.
I clearly remember where I was and what I was doing the day in which the news broke. It was an event so sad that struck the world, and left a series of mysteries linked not only to that tragic night, but also to the life of Lady Diana and her personality.

The exhibition at the Palace of Venaria in Turin, on view form July 8th 2017 to January 28th 2018, will allow you to make a dive into the past and discover all the facets of a woman who marked an era.

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The exhibition will trace the story of her short life through images and documents describing her youth up to her engagement and marriage to Prince Charles.
Then, the beginning of her life as a princess, the birth of her sons William and Harry, spontaneous photographs depicting her as a fragile woman, but who wanted to be free, and led her to support important charity projects.

Her initiatives captured the heart of the public opinion, and Diana began being under the siege by the tabloids capturing each moment of her life.

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Lady Diana – Uno spirito libero
Reggia di Venaria, Sale dei Paggi – Turin

From 8 july 2017 to 28 january 2018



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