Lucienne Bloch: inside the life of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

1932 Mexico Frida by the Cactus ©Lucienne Bloch


The Ono Arte Contemporanea Gallery presents “Lucienne Bloch: dentro la vita di Frida Kahlo” ( Lucienne Bloch: inside the life of Frida Kahlo ), a photographic exhibition illustrating the friendship between Frida and Lucienne.

“I hate you” are the first words Frida said to Lucienne Bloch during the party at the MoMA of New York in 1931, arranged to celebrate Diego Rivera who, at that time would have frescoed seven panels for his solo exhibition at the MoMA, and Rivera and Lucienne seated near all night long, talking mostly about the fresco technique.

Lucienne would later become one of the most faithful and trustworthy friends of Frida.
She stood by Frida when she aborted, when Frida’s mother died, and when she found out Diego’s betrayal with her sister Cristina.

The exhibition on view from December 15th 2016 to February 26th 2017, comprises 45 photos in different sizes. All the photos are vintage print, printed and signed by Lucienne Bloch, who illustrates love, politics, art and the very essence of Frida.

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Frida Kahlo | Diego Rivera

New Workers School Diego & Frida Caught Kissing ©Lucienne Bloch

Frida Kahlo

1939 NYC Frida with Her Godson ©Lucienne Bloch

Lucienne Bloch: dentro la vita di Frida Kahlo
15 december 2016 – 26 february 2017
ONO Arte Contemporanea – via Santa Margherita, 10. Bologna, Italy


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