Exhibitions in Verona: The Maya in Verona (the story behind the exhibition)

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EXHIBITIONS IN VERONA: THE MAYA IN VERONA (the story behind the exhibition)

Exhibitions in Verona. Among the most interesting upcoming exhibition that will take place in Italy there’s the great exhibition dedicated to the Maya. I’ve been giving you all the updates of the exhibition “Maya. Il linguaggio della bellezza” (“The Maya. The language of beauty”) since the hard work to bring to Italy the precious finds of this charming civilization has begun.

In this post I’ll talk about the exhibition that will be open to the public in Verona on October 8th 2016 at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, from a different point of view.
I’ll tell you the ins and outs of the exhibition dedicated to the Maya.

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What goes on behind the scenes of an exhibition is a wonderful world made up of phone calls, desks full of books and notebook papers, printed emails and images of the works that will be carried with outstanding security measures, project plans for the set-up and drafts to be corrected.
This is the scene you can see inside those offices that create great exhibitions, and that’s what I found on this occasion inside the offices of the exhibition.

An exhibition dedicated to the Maya and their charming culture hasn’t been arranged for years.
On September 6th 1998 at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice the greatest exhibition ever organized devoted to the Maya was inaugurated, and for the first time it presented in a complete way the history of a civilization and a culture, and displayed the most important objects coming from the most important museums in the world. Since then, dozens of years have passed, but also new discoveries have been made, and for this reason, when I knew that an exhibition on the Maya was about to be arranged due to favourable circumstances, I sought to find out more.

The exhibition dedicated to the Maya will arrive in Verona thanks to Andrea Brunello’s perseverance of Kornice, who has worked in the latest months so that the INAH could bring to Italy this exhibition curated by Karina Romero Blanco.
The INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia= National Institute of Anthropology and History) is the most important institution of the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, that guarantees the research, preservation and promotion of the archaeological, anthropological, historical and paleontological heritage of Mexico.
Exceptionally, only on the occasion of this extraordinary exhibition, a close collaboration between the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia of Mexico City and Kornice was born.

The exhibition dedicated to the Maya is one of the exhibitions that can be considered to be an event, because it will allow you to take stock of the new discoveries, and will cast new light also on the Maya’s artistic language.

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Maya – Il linguaggio della bellezza
From 8th october 2016 to 5th march 2017
Palazzo Della Gran Guardia, Verona



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