Office chest of drawers. Story of an icon

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How many times have you seen in an office a chest of drawers like this?
Don’t make the mistake of considering it an ordinary and old object, because this is “The Chest of drawers”.
Therefore, if you own an object like this, before you throw it away, you’d better read this post.

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The steel office chest of drawers was born in 1919, when computers, WI-FI, tablets and smartphones didn’t exist, but all paper documents were archived inside chests of drawers and wooden cupboards.
Until the idea of producing a steel chest of drawers came into the brilliant mind of David Hunting of Metal Office Furniture Company (today Steelcase).

The chest of drawers was light, fireproof, and its success was spectacular, so that it exited the offices and became a piece of furniture even for cafés, restaurants and houses.

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