Online magazines: where to find them and what to read


Online magazines have become a reality over the last few years, but have already transformed the way people read the news.
They have certainly changed the way I read a magazine!

To write a post about a design object, like the one I dedicated to the famous Tulip table, or when I make a list of the European cities where you can see the best street art works, I always read every kind of online magazines to find inspiration and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Here is where I find the most interesting articles and how to read them.

In this post you’ll find a link where you can insert a promo code in order to read 2 online magazines for free.
Make yourself comfortable, because I’ll explain everything in detail.

If I didn’t have the chance to access online to traditional print magazines, I wouldn’t be able to write many of the posts I publish.
Therefore, among my main sources of inspiration there are online magazines, and the tool I use to read them is called Lekiosk.


I find the most interesting articles about art, culture and design thanks to Lekiosk, the French digital newsstand, which is available in the Italian and English market too, and which offers over 1,600 titles you can read on the website or through the app.


On Lekiosk you can find all your favourite online magazines.
Here is what I read!

To keep always up to date with contemporary art you can’t forego reading Flash Art International, which for 50 years has been the point of reference to find out the novelties in this field.

I find the most interesting articles about new itineraries and art cities in Condè Nast Traveller, where there are always new suggestions about some of the most beautiful places in the world.

To know what’s new in the field of design I read The World of Interiors, the magazine that features articles about creativity, art and design which are always full of tips to examine in depth a topic.


Lekiosk is easy to use.
All you have to do is access the official website or download the free app to read at very low prices magazines suitable for all tastes, but especially those dedicated to art, culture and design, which are my obsession!

After running the application, or accessing the website, you’ll find a virtual newsstand showing all the available online magazines you can buy in two ways:

1. you can buy a single issue of your favourite magazine;
2. you can take out a monthly subscription paying € 9.99, which entitles you to a download of 10 different magazines over a period of 30 days.

The titles you downloaded are kept in the Lekiosk library, and you can read your online magazines whenever you want.
In addition, you can find back issues of your favourite magazines.
Therefore, if you missed that article you were very interested in, you can easily recover it.


If you want to read your favourite magazines using Lekiosk, here is the promo code to get immediately 2 free magazines on Lekiosk.

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