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Thanks to my blog I have the opportunity to meet and know gallerists and artists with interesting artistic journeys, great ambitions and an irrepressible passion for art.
When I received Evelyn’s portfolio, I immediately wanted to interview her in order to introduce her to you, but especially to show you what she does.

You might hear about her in the future!

Evelyn has always had a passion for art, stories and painting.

She began as a self-taught artist, but at the age of 11 she created her first comic. At the age of 16 her drawing was judged as one of the best works in the Twilight saga fandom contest organized by Fazi editore, and was exhibited at the Teatro Palladium in Rome.
In the same year some of her drawings and comics were published in a famous Italian magazine.
Since 2013 Evelyn has been publishing and promoting her drawings, paintings and videos, even on the social networks and on YouTube.

Evelyn, where do you get the inspiration for your works?

Looking at my works, you can notice different artistic influences, both Western and Eastern influences. I admire both several artists of the past and contemporary artists. But it is in my emotions and my thoughts that I find my inspirations.
Music and reading help me a lot to stimulate my creativity.

What are the main problems do you find in art world?

First of all, it’s not easy for an artist to be published, because we all know that publishing industry is in crisis.
But if you publish your works on the Internet, and people like them and share them, then it’s possible that publishers contact you.
Furthermore, as far as I’m concerned, TV and magazines (except for specialised magazines) should support emerging artists much more.
Fortunately, there are several opportunities for artists who want to rise from the ranks: you can publish your works on the social networks and draw your own public.
Besides, there are drawings and painting contests: this year I won the special mention Web Award in the contest “Disegna Fra i silenzi di uno sguardo” (“Draw among the silences of a look”), Shine Records Ragusa.
And eventually there are also blogs like yours, Art post Blog, which deals with art and artists.

What are your plans for the future?

Now I’m working on a project that could become a graphic novel (I’ve recently taken a course in scriptwriting for comics which has helped me a lot) or a collection of comic scripts or an illustrated book.
I never stop!

I disegni di Evelyn nello Spot di Presentazione dei CAMPIONATI ASSOLUTI JUDO 2014 – ASTI del 29 e 30 novembre 2014.


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