Remi Rough: Symphony of Systematic Minimalism

Remi Rough | Symphony of Systematic Minimalism

Wunderkammern Rome presents Symphony of Systematic Minimalism, solo show by Remi Rough, one of the greatest exponents of the abstract current of urban art.
Symphony of Systematic Minimalism, Remi Rough’s first solo exhibition in Italy, explores the relationship between visual art and music.

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Remi Rough | Symphony of Systematic Minimalism

For his show at Wunderkammern, Remi Rough will present large scale works on canvas together with music written and produced by the artist. He will present as well artworks on paper and a site-specific installation in the gallery.

Remi Rough (London, 1971) has exhibited in important international institutions and events such as the Biennale of Street Art in Moscow, the Museé Mohammed VI in Rabat, the MB6 Marrakech Biennale, the Urban Art Biennale at the Völklinger Museum, the Museum of Fine Art of Santander and the Maison De L’Architecture in Strasbourg. 

Remi Rough | Symphony of Systematic Minimalism

Symphony of Systematic Minimalism
April 1st – May 20th 2017

Via Gabrio Serbelloni 124, Rome


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