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I told you that Genoa is a beautiful city when I wrote about my weekend in Genoa during the Rolli Days, but there is an aspect I didn’t examine in depth: Genoa is an art city from A to Z.

Even contemporary art can find its own space in Genoa, in places such as Palazzo Stella, where Satura art gallery will host from November 12th to 23rd 2016 two exhibitions dedicated to two talented female artists: Claudia Campanella and Alice Voglino.


The central core of Claudia Campanella’s work is the relationship between the past and the future, and the present is the connection between these two limits.

Alice Voglino’s works are joy and life in their purest form.
The intense colours she uses are the reflection of her thoughts that seem to shoot out in every directions, and represent a desire to communicate she can’t contain inside a work of art.


CLAUDIA CAMPANELLA – mostra personale
12 – 23 november 2016

ALICE VOGLINO – mostra personale
12 – 23 november 2016

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