Summit Fever by Miriam Wuttke

A new exhibition at Fusion Art Gallery.
SUMMIT FEVER, the new solo exhibition of Miriam Wuttke.

Miriam Wuttke is a very exciting artist . She expresses herself through different media,  painting , installation and performance.
She studied at first abstract painting at the art sudents league, then art therapy in combination with fine arts.
Thus her work is exploring continuously human behaviour and feelings.

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Her performances show her great and very precise knowledge of interioration of illnesses and obsessions.
She builds the performance around a character that she impersonates for as long a  time as necessary, to allow the subject she is studying to evolve and devellop.

22 april – 20 may 2017
Piazza Peyron, 9g, 10143 Turin (Italy)
A cura di Barbara Fragogna

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