Tellas: extreme weather

Tellas | mostre Wunderkammern

Tellas_Ritratto_Outdoor 2016


Tellas is one of the most promising artists of the international Urban Art movement, and his works will be displayed at the Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome until November 19th 2016 in the exhibition entitled “Clima Estremo” (“Extreme Weather”).

Tellas | mostre Wunderkammern

Tellas_Winter reaction (detail)_2016

Tellas was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, in 1985, but he currently lives and works in Rome, and he draws inspiration from his native land to transform harsh landscape of Sardinia into poetic artworks.
For the exhibition “Clima Estremo” (“Extreme Weather”) Tellas introduces a new research linked to those extreme weather events attributed to human-induced global warming, responding to the need to return to a more intimate connection with Nature, too.

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Tellas | mostre Wunderkammern

ellas_Impressioni (detail)_2016

15th october – 19th november 2016
Via Gabrio Serbelloni 124, Rome

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