The exhibition dedicated to Rodin in Italy


On the occasion of the end of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Rodin’s death (1840-1917) the most beautiful works of the great French sculptor are on show in Italy until June 3rd 2018 on loan from the Musée Rodin in Paris.

The exhibition shows 25 drawings and 50 sculptures in a chronological journey through the life and the art of Rodin, an artist who developed the idea of life as the pure and infinite expression of the human soul.

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Auguste Rodin | Paolo e Francesca

Auguste Rodin, Paolo e Francesca tra le nuvole, 1904-1905.

This is a great exhibition and is the chance for you to admire Rodin’s fundamental masterpieces and all the stories he represented in his sculptures, busts, sketches and heads.

All his works are like parts of a fragmented universe in which his love for Camille Claudel, his muse, is a central theme.
That love has left traces in the works on display, including the portrait of Rodin executed by Camille herself, and the portrait of Camille which the artist, at the end of their love story, sublimated in the marvellous sculpture “Thought”, in which the woman’s face emerges partially from a rough-hewn block like a faint and painful memory.

The exhibition dedicated to Rodin in Treviso is a complete journey and deals also with the theme of Michelangelo’s “unfinished”, of whom Rodin was a great admirer.
And this is the reason why this exhibition is held in Italy, after being on display in various parts of the world. In fact, Rodin fell in love with Italian Renaissance, and especially with Michelangelo’s sculptures during his journey to Italy in 1876.

It was in Italy that Rodin began transforming matter into a vivid and sensual element.

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Rodin | Bacio

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