How to get tickets for the Valley of the Temples

Valle dei Templi Sicilia

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is one of the must-see destinations when visiting Sicily. This extraordinary archaeological complex, dating back to the Magna Graecia, is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the best preserved in the world. Its historical and cultural importance makes it an essential stop for anyone wishing to explore the island’s rich heritage.

Online tickets for the Valley of the Temples

Valle dei Templi

Buying tickets online for the Valley of the Temples is the best way to ensure a stress-free experience. The standard ticket includes a nice digital postcard that you can create directly from your smartphone, a personalised memento of your visit. This ticket can be cancelled or rescheduled up to the day before, offering great flexibility to visitors. It also includes an audio guide that enriches the tour with detailed information about the temples and the history of the site. For those who want a more complete experience, it is possible to combine the ticket with entry to the Kolymbethra Garden.

This enchanting garden, which cannot be visited otherwise, features a variety of Mediterranean plants, as well as olive and citrus trees that make the visit even more enjoyable. Some online tickets also allow you to skip the queue at the ticket office, guaranteeing fast and wait-free entry.

Guided tour of the Valley of the Temples

If you want a more in-depth experience, a guided tour of the Valley of the Temples is the ideal option. These tours, which last about two hours, are conducted by official guides who offer a detailed interpretation of the site. The guide not only provides historical and archaeological information, but also enriches the visit with curiosities and anecdotes that make the tour even more engaging. These tickets can also be cancelled or rescheduled up to the day before the visit. For those looking for something different, moreover, some alternative tours allow you to explore the Valley of the Temples with an electric scooter.

Tickets to see the Valley of the Temples at night

A truly magical experience is to visit the Valley of the Temples at night. This ticket allows you to explore the site after sunset, when the play of light on the ancient structures creates a certainly suggestive atmosphere. Visiting the archaeological park at night is an excellent idea, especially in summer, when temperatures during the day can be very high. The soft lighting and the silence of the night give the temples a mysterious charm, making the visit a very special moment. Even for the night visit, there is the option of cancelling or rescheduling the ticket up to the day before.

Valle dei Templi

Combined tickets for archaeological Sicily

If archaeology is your passion and you are planning a tour of Sicily, you can save money by purchasing combination tickets for the Valley of the Temples and other important archaeological sites such as the temples of Segesta and Selinunte in advance. These tickets offer great value for money and allow you to explore multiple historical sites without having to buy separate tickets for each destination.

A visit to the Valley of the Temples: what to know

To fully enjoy your visit to the Valley of the Temples, I recommend spending at least a couple of hours in the archaeological park. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as the site is vast and there is some walking. Also, it is important to go equipped for the sun and heat, especially during the summer months. Bring a hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water to stay hydrated while exploring this extraordinary historical treasure.

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