Exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh: unmissable works

Vincent van Gogh | Vecchio che soffre

Vincent van Gogh, Vecchio che soffre, 1890


Until April 8th 2018 Vicenza hosts the works by the Dutch painter for the biggest exhibition ever dedicated to Van Gogh.

On display 43 paintings and 86 drawings tracing the whole artistic journey of Van Gogh! You can find all useful information about visiting and booking your ticket in the post dedicated to this special event: “Van Gogh. Between wheat and sky”.

Here, instead, I’ll talk about my visit to the exhibition and the works you can’t miss.

Vincent van Gogh | Il giardino dell'ospedale a Saint-Rémy

Vincent van Gogh, Il giardino dell’ospedale a Saint-Rémy (1889).


The paintings on display are about twenty.
You can’t miss “Pollard willows at sunset” (1888) in which light and colour seem to exit the canvas to illuminate everything is around it, and “The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy” (1889) depicting the garden of the asylum where Van Gogh decided voluntarily to be treated, and where he was allowed to paint.

In addition to paintings, the exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh, features several drawings.

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The exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh is housed in the halls of the Palladian Basilica, a masterpiece by Andrea Palladio, and is one of the steps of a large project dedicated to the Dutch painter.

The fulcrum of the project is of course the exhibition, but at the bookshop you can find also the new edition of “Letters”, published just for this occasion, containing 60 letters of the correspondence between Van Gogh and his brother Theo, fundamental to understand Van Gogh’s artistic career.

The project which has brought Van Gogh to Vicenza includes also an unpublished film you can watch at the end of the exhibition tour. The documentary film is screened in a room containing about 100 seats and lasts about an hour. The movie is entitled “Van Gogh. Story of a life” and tells the life of Van Gogh, by going through the places of the life of the artist.

Visiting this exhibition, Van Gogh and his works represents the chance for you to visit Vicenza, a city that is not a popular tourist destination and which, instead, houses big treasures to share. First of all, you have to start from the Palladian Basilica, which hosts the event and is included in the World Heritage List, and is one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture.

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Visiting the exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh in Vicenza will offer you the chance to lose yourself in the city of Andrea Palladio, and to admire the masterpieces of the most important architect of Renaissance, which lie a few hundred meters from the exhibition. Showing the ticket of the exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh at the Info point in the Palladian Basilica you can enter four museums:

  1. the Olympic Theatre, which, in addition to being the city’s most visited place, is the first roofed permanent theatre in the world;
  2. the Palazzo Chiericati, another building designed by Andrea Palladio, and home to the Civic Art Gallery;
  3. the Church of Santa Corona, housing paintings by Bellini and Veronese, and at first the tomb of Andrea Palladio;
  4. the Jewellery Museum, the first museum in Italy dedicated to jewellery.
Vincent van Gogh | Gelsi potati al tramonto

Vincent van Gogh, Gelsi potati al tramonto, 1888

Vincent van Gogh | Ritratto del sottotenente Milliet

Vincent van Gogh, Ritratto del sottotenente Milliet, 1888

Vincent van Gogh | Campo di papaveri

Vincent van Gogh, Campo di papaveri, 1890.

Vincent van Gogh, | Il seminatore

Vincent van Gogh, Il seminatore, 1882



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