Venice Biennale tickets 2019: how to visit it


Biennale 2019 tickets. This year the 58th International Art Exhibition titled May You Live In Interesting Times. Will run from May 11th to November 24th 2018.

In this post you’ll find the opening times, all about Venice Biennale tickets and how to visit it.

Biennale 2019 tickets


You can buy your tickets to the Venice Biennale in two ways:

1 – at the ticket office, located at the entrance of Giardini and Arsenale, but in this case you have to queue to enter (and you have to be very patient!).

2. whit an online reservation on the Biennale official website. The link can be found at the bottom of the post.
The advantage of online purchase is that you can enter immediately.


The Venice Biennale has got two exhibition venues: the Giardini and the Arsenale. In addition, there are several collateral events scattered around the city of Venice, which are part of the itinerary planned by the curator.

For those who arrive at Venice Marco Polo airport every 30 minutes ATVO shuttles and bus line 5 leave headed for the Piazzale Roma. From here you can take vaporetto (ferry boat) lines 51, 52, 61, 82, 41, 42 and get off at the Giardini Biennale stop.

From Santa Lucia railway station to get to Giardini Biennale, you can take vaporetto lines 1, 41, 51 (no change); as an alternative lines 4, 71, 82 with stop at the Piazzale Roma. Here you have to change and take vaporetto lines 51, 61 headed for the Lido, getting off at the Giardini stop.

If you reach the Venice Biennale by car, you’d better park your car in Mestre, at the Tronchetto parking lot or at the Piazzale Roma parking lot. From Mestre you can reach Venice by train or by bus and take vaporetto lines 1, 41 and 51 (headed for Giardini). From the Tronchetto parking lot you need to take vaporetto line 82, get off at the Piazzale Roma stop and take lines 41, 51, 61 (headed for Giardini). From the Piazzale Roma parking lot, to reach Giardini take vaporetto lines 1, 51, 52, 61, 82, 41, 42 headed for the Lido, stop at Giardini.

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Around the Biennale there are many museums, churches and monuments to see.
I selected the best things to do and to book now!


From May 11th 2017 to November 24th 2019.
Giardini – Opening times 10 am- 6.00 pm
Arsenale – Opening times 10 am- 6.00 pm

Link at the Biennale official website – Biennale Tickets

Ralph Rugoff | Biennale Arte 2019

Il curatore della Biennale Arte 2019 – Ralph Rugoff

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10 thoughts on “Venice Biennale tickets 2019: how to visit it

  1. La Biennale di Venezia attira sempre molti turisti e visitatori da tutto il mondo, per questo è meglio acquistare i biglietti fin da subito, per usufruire dei prezzi vantaggiosi. Inoltre, il titolo di quest’anno è attuale e adatto a questo evento.

    • Sono molto curiosa di vedere come il curatore e i Padiglioni Nazionali svilupperanno il tema di questa edizione.
      Per quanto riguarda i biglietti, concordo sul fatto che vadano acquistati prima e magari abbinarli a qualche tour per andare a vedere le mostre collaterali della Biennale 🙂

    • Io consiglio di iniziare dai Giardini e in particolare dal Padiglione centrale, dove inizia l’esposizione del curatore.
      Solo dopo i Giardini è meglio dirigersi all’Arsenale, che comunque richiede molto tempo per la visita. Calcola almeno mezza giornata solo per l’Arsenale 🙂

  2. I am coming from Sri Lanka end of June. On my own. I am a New Zealand contemporary artist with my own gallery in Sri Lanka. Many years since been to Bienale.. Is a week long enough to see? Don’t want to rush. Looking to book airbnb. Am over 65.
    Can I buy a one week ticket.? What area should I look to stay. Not too expensive.
    Thank you for your help. Kind regards Gail Devine

    • I advise you not to stay in Mestre but in Venice. Search for accommodation near the Gardens. It is the most convenient area for the Biennale.

    • You can buy the ticket and then enter only once in each location.
      A week is more than enough for the Biennale.
      A day you can dedicate it to the Gardens, a day at the Arsenale. Then the rest at the side events where you can enter whenever you want with the Biennale ticket.

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