WOW Museum, a new museum in Zurich different form all the others

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Does a WOW Museum exist? A museum that amazes in every room, where you can immerse yourself in a world made up of illusions and colours?
Yes, it does and it is located in Zurich!

On June 10th 2020 in Zurich the WOW Museum – Room for Illusions was inaugurated, a museum different from all those you’ve already visited.

Sarah Spagnuolo visited the museum for TheARTpostBlog and in this post she tells everything about the WOW Museum.

WOW Museum

wow museum | Zurich museums

WOW Museum Zurich

Is it possible to open a Museum during the global pandemic? Yes, it is if it’s WOW!

On June 10th the WOW Museum – Room for Illusions was inaugurated in the heart of the beautiful city of Zurich, in the German-speaking canton of Switzerland.

For those who don’t know, Zurich was the cradle of Dada movement and boasts some very interesting art museums but also experiential museums such as the FIFA Museum, and is about one hour from Basel, considered the cultural capital of Switzerland with its 40 museums, including the Vitra Design Museum and the Tinguely Museum.

Since the beginning, the WOW Museum, despite the restrictions on access to museums due to the pandemic, has routed any post Covid-19 prediction, because tickets are sold out almost every day.

But what’s the secret of its success? Let’s find out together!

The WOW Museum extends across 400 square meters and is made up of 12 immersive experiences, many graphic works by OpArt and a workshop. The complete visit lasts from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

It defines itself as a museum “different from all the others”, and it certainly is.
It addresses to a very wide public and offers a funny experience for all ages.
For the youngest it’s the perfect place where to take amazing selfies thanks to the 12 rooms which offer different backgrounds to be the protagonists of very colourful optical illusions.
It’s the ideal place for an out-of the-box date: in fact at the weekends the museum is open until 11 pm.
And it’s also the perfect destination for a meeting among friends.
The museum satisfies the needs of the entire family: for the children there’s Willow, the elf hidden in the museum; for the kids there’s Willow Rally, a funny itinerant quiz of illusions inside the museum, and if you’re lucky once a month the winner of the competition gets an item from the shop; and finally, the entire family can have fun in the interesting WOW Lab where can find famous optical illusions and study in depth the theme of colour in the illusions.
Also older people will enjoy a funny experience, but don’t forget to bring your fully recharged smartphone with you, otherwise you might be disappointed.

You’ll make the guided tour through Qr-codes and there are also photobooths hidden inside the rooms that through Qr-code will lead visitors to the creation of the perfect picture that will arrive directly on your smartphone.
To sum it up: the ingredients of the success of this museum are: beautiful selfies, optical illusions, OPArt, hidden elves and…a little bit of magic!
In fact, inside the museum you’ll find a magician who will amaze you with his magic card tricks while waiting.
That’s right. You understood clearly: if the museum is filled to maximum capacity you might wait to enter a room, but your wait will be interesting, as well.

For further information visit the official website of the Wow Museum, where you can take a sneak peek at the amazing rooms of this museum.

WOW Museum | Zurich museums

WOW Museum Zurich


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4 thoughts on “WOW Museum, a new museum in Zurich different form all the others

  1. Bellissimo, un ritorno all’infanzia ed al gioco in un certo senso. Peccato che non ci siano molti musei del genere; è qualcosa che va oltre accezione classica di museo quale contenitore d’arte ma probabilmente in alcuni casi riuscirebbe ad avere maggior successo di tante realtà

    • E’ un concetto di museo molto diverso da quello che abbiamo in Italia e per questo credo siano più diffusi all’estero, soprattutto nei Paesi anglofoni.

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