About me

(Photo by Elena Datrino photographer)

My name is Caterina (but my friends call me Kate) and I’m an art lover. I never get tired of attending exhibitions; I love exploring museums and wandering through art cities.

I live in Veneto, near Venice, and I have a degree in history of art.

I worked in different museums for a long time, doing anything in order to create a pleasant and an unforgettable experience for visitors who visited a museum, an exhibition or a city.
I took care of tourists, students, both regular and occasional visitors: I built a suitable tour for anyone, focusing my attention on their ages and their origins.

My blog talks about my travels, museums I discovered, exhibitions I attended, artists I met, cities I visited. And everything is filtered through my own experience and my own feelings.
I’m not making a mere list of things to see, but I’m giving you suggestions on what, in my opinion, is worth seeing.

I’m not giving art lessons, as a teacher, but I’m telling you the stories about art.

In my blog you may find details, fragments, curiosities, inspirations, and also stories taken from masterpieces created by highly talented men and women.
I wish my blog was a sort of place where people can meet, talk, express their opinions, find inspirations, and share a feeling.
In addition, you can simply wander about led by an idle curiosity and find an idea about how to spend your spare time at the weekends, doing something new.

Every month, if you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get a free small guide to the most interesting exhibition at the moment, and also you’ll get further information in advance about events I’m going to arrange. So we can visit together the places and the shows I wrote about.

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Have fun and get the inspiration!