The ceramics of Gio Ponti

Do you know who Gio Ponti was and what he represented for Italian art and beyond?
We often hear about Made in Italy, but few know one of its greatest exponents was Gio Ponti, who from the 1920s was director of Richard Ginori, initiating a process of production renewal.

An architect, designer and intellectual, Gio Ponti was the point of reference for the definition of an Italian style of decorative arts, but his relationship with ceramics made his innovative ideas still relevant at the time.

Gio Ponti’s ceramics

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Palace of Venaria Reale: some curiosities

Venaria Reale Torino

The Reggia di Venaria Reale, one of the most fascinating and impressive Savoy residences, is located in the heart of Piedmont, a short distance from the city of Turin. This extraordinary complex is a must-see for anyone visiting the region, not only for its architectural beauty but also for the historical wealth it holds. For those wishing to explore all of Piedmont’s royal residences, there is a tourist pass available that facilitates access to these historic sites (you can find it at the end of this post), ensuring a complete experience among historic and central palaces, sumptuous residences, and vacation spots.

What to see at the Palace of Venaria Reale

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Willem de Kooning in Italy between painting and sculpture

Willem de Kooning, c.1975-80, carboncino su pergamena. 60.3 x 47.6 cm. Collezione privata © 2024 The Willem de Kooning Foundation, SIAE

Italy has always influenced the great artists of the past, but in some cases it has transformed their style, and the link with Italy proved to be fundamental to the creation of great masterpieces.
In 1959, Willem de Kooning, already established as a painter, arrived in Italy to make a trip that proved decisive for his career and the evolution of his artistic style. This period not only solidified his position in the global art scene but also enriched his style, leading him to explore new techniques and materials.

Willem de Kooning in Italia

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Between sculptural tradition and innovation: Filippo Tincolini’s workshop in Carrara

Filippo Tincolini Spaceman

Filippo Tincolini, Spaceman, 2022.

In the artistic landscape of Carrara, a world-renowned center for the quality of its marble, Filippo Tincolini’s workshop emerges as a unique meeting point between the ancient art of sculpture and the technological vanguard. Since 2004, when Tincolini opened this space, the workshop has become a place of continuous experimentation and innovation.


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