Life and works of Renoir: five things to know

Renoir | Ritratto di Bazille

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Ritratto di Bazille (1867), museo d’Orsay, Parigi

Renoir’s life and works are full of love, light and colour. Indeed, the artist created his masterpieces by drawing on the experiences of his life and described what he saw and experienced with rapid brushstrokes, creating images that seem barely sketched.
Famous for his Impressionist style and for his paintings depicting everyday life, nature and the women in his life, his paintings depict scenes of Parisian life at the time.

Renoir’s art influenced many other artists, including Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, and in this post I will tell you about his works in five points.

Life and works of Renoir

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Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague: tickets and must-sees

Mauritshuis | biglietti musei

The Hague, overlooking the North Sea, is a Dutch city that houses in its museums some of the most important works of the so-called Dutch ‘Golden Age’, animated by artists such asVermeer, Rembrandt and Van Dyck. Among them, the Mauritshuis Museum is an unmissable stop for Flemish painting enthusiasts: inside you can see the most famous works of this fortunate historical and artistic period. And the city’s attractions do not stop there: the ticket for the Mauritshuis can be combined with a ticket for the permanent exhibition of Escher, the visionary engraver and graphic artist whose works depict constructions of impossible worlds.

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Collecting art successfully: tricks and secrets for the collector

img Strip Gallery

Courtesy: The Strip Gallery

I am pleased to host on my blog an article written by Martina Manco, director of The Strip Gallery of Contemporary Art, whom I had already interviewed on the occasion of the gallery’s first birthday and who now reveals all the secrets of becoming a successful art collector.

In the interview with Martina Manco it was clear that the world of collecting has undergone great changes lately, especially with the possibility of shopping online.
What then should be the attentions and tricks that a collector of today have? Here is the gallery owner’s answer.

Tricks and secrets for successfully collecting art

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Palazzo Vecchio in Florence: tickets and what to see

Palazzo Vecchio | musei Firenze | biglietti


Florence is the city that gave birth to some of Italy’s greatest artists and men of letters and is home to numerous masterpieces that are the expression of centuries of cultural and artistic hegemony. In particular, Piazza della Signoria is a concentration of works of art: from the Loggia dei Lanzi, a true open-air museum, to Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Galleries. In this artistic context, Palazzo Vecchio is the symbol of 14th-century civil architecture and visiting its most famous rooms, as well as the more hidden ones, is a must for visitors to the Tuscan capital.

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