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I create content and implement communication projects for the cultural sector.

  • I PUBLISH news about cities of art, territories, exhibitions and museums through articles, interviews and images created according to individual needs.
  • I PROMOTE art cities, territories, design products, museums, exhibitions, fashion, artists, galleries, books and everything that has to do with the world of culture and creativity.
  • I SUGGEST to my readers what to do and what to see in order to enjoy a holiday of art and culture.
  • I ORGANISE events and blog tours involving influencers and micro-influencers selected on the basis of the target audience to be reached.
  • I SHARE useful information with the aim of transforming the reader into a visitor, using the blog and its social channels but also managing the social profiles of the museums and institutions involved.

A clarification: creating quality, original, differentiated content for the various social platforms and optimised for SEO requires time, practice, training and also adequate tools.
The Art post Blog does not take on free assignments.


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(data updated on 2 February 2022)

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