Il complesso legame tra Arte e Fascismo

C. Carrà, Atleti a riposo

Looking at artworks created during the fascist regime, I have often found myself pondering how fascism influenced the figurative culture of that particular historical period and what was the relationship between art and fascism.

So how did the complex system of art develop during the 20-year fascist period and how did artists give voice to the myths and themes of fascism?
In this post I will attempt to answer this question by describing a complex and still little-studied period.

The link between art and fascism in Italy

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Informal Art between history and innovation

I have always wondered how historical events, especially the most tragic ones, deeply influence art. Of course, every time I try to give myself an answer, I am amazed by the strength with which art reacts to the tragic nature of life, and in this post I want to share with you information about an art movement that was born out of the devastation left by World War II: I am referring toInformal Art.

Informal Art is a movement, which marked the cultural history of the postwar period, that transformed pain and suffering into a unique expressive language. This post aims to immerse you in the complex evolution of Informal Art, exploring its origins, its leading exponents, and revolutionary techniques.

Informal art between history and innovation

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What is Dadaism: the artistic revolution of the twentieth century

Gioconda | Duchamp

La Gioconda di Duchamp. Image source:

Are you familiar with Dadaism and have you wondered what exactly it represents in the vast universe of art? This movement, which emerged in the early decades of the twentieth century, radically transformed the perception of art and the role of the artist, laying the foundation for the advent of later currents such as Surrealism.

Through this post, I want to take you into the heart of Dadaism, discovering together its origins, its defining characteristics, and its lasting impact on artistic culture.

What is Dadaism: the artistic revolution of the twentieth century

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Neoplasticism: a journey in art beyond the visible

Have you ever heard of Neoplasticism? This term, which may not be as immediately recognizable as other art movements, represents a fundamental turning point in art history.
Neoplasticism, also known as De Stijl, is a movement that influenced not only painting, but also architecture and literature, helping to redefine the way we see and understand art.

Here are what its characteristics are.

What is Neoplasticism

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Art beyond the canvas: discover the fascination and history of body art

Gina Pane

Have you ever thought about how art can transcend traditional sculptural canvases to become a deeper and more personal expression? In the art world, one form that stands out for its emotional and physical intensity is Body Art.

Here is what is the history of Body Art, the meanings and manifestations of this fascinating art form.

Fascination and history of body art

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