Neoplasticism: a journey in art beyond the visible

Have you ever heard of Neoplasticism? This term, which may not be as immediately recognizable as other art movements, represents a fundamental turning point in art history.
Neoplasticism, also known as De Stijl, is a movement that influenced not only painting, but also architecture and literature, helping to redefine the way we see and understand art.

Here are what its characteristics are.

What is Neoplasticism

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Art beyond the canvas: discover the fascination and history of body art

Gina Pane

Have you ever thought about how art can transcend traditional sculptural canvases to become a deeper and more personal expression? In the art world, one form that stands out for its emotional and physical intensity is Body Art.

Here is what is the history of Body Art, the meanings and manifestations of this fascinating art form.

Fascination and history of body art

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Action Painting, what it is and why it is a revolutionary art

Have you ever wondered what makes Action Painting so unique and revolutionary? This art form, also known as action painting, represents a real challenge to traditional art conventions.

Originating in the 1940s and 1960s, Action Painting is closely related to abstract expressionism. That is why it is essential to understand this style first in order to appreciate what is a significant part of modern art history.

What is Action Painting

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What is Arte Povera: a movement between rupture and innovation


Do you know what Arte Povera is? Have you ever heard of it?
This art movement, born in 1960s Italy, revolutionised the world art scene by challenging conventions and introducing new materials and concepts.

In art and culture, Arte Povera is distinguished by its use of humble, everyday materials, such as paper, fabric and earth, to create works that engage the viewer in a direct and profound way.
In this post, we will explore together the origin, main exponents and distinctive features of Arte Povera, a phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the history of contemporary art.

What is Arte Povera

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What is Land Art and the Dialogue between Art and the Environment

Have you ever thought about the relationship between art and the natural environment? In the world of contemporary art, a unique and fascinating movement has emerged strongly: Land Art.
This artistic movement, which emerged in the late 1960s, revolutionised the way art interacts with the natural landscape.

In this post I want to tell you what Land Art is and what is the relationship between Art and the Environment

What is Land Art

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