Description of the lost Portrait of a Young Man by Raphael

One of the works lost during World War II is The Portrait of a Young Man by Raphael Sanzio, one of the masters of the Italian Renaissance. The painting disappeared in 1945 during the chaos of the last days of World War II, and it was a great loss since this work is considered one of Raphael’s masterpieces, celebrated for its refined depiction of the subject and fine painting technique. Before the war, the work was held at the Czartoryski Collection in Krakow, Poland, but was requisitioned by the Nazis along with many other works of art as part of their cultural despoliation efforts.


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The upside-down images and works of Georg Baselitz

Artworks: © Georg Baselitz 2024

Are you familiar with Georg Baselitz’s works and do you know why they are presented upside down?
This world-renowned artist, recognized as one of the most significant living masters, uses this technique to challenge conventional perceptions of art.

Hans-Georg Kern, better known as Georg Baselitz, born in 1938 in Saxony, has distinguished himself on the art scene for his original approach. Expelled from the East Berlin Academy of Art for his ideas that did not conform with academic art, he moved to West Berlin where he completed his art training and began to make a name for himself.
Baselitz was never content with mere visual representation; his works invite viewers to go beyond the surface and immerse themselves in a deeper dialogue with art.

The works of Georg Baselitz

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Exploring the works of Agostino Ferrari: a journey through the art of the sign

Agostino Ferrari, Interno / Esterno, 2011, cm 150 x 150, acrilico + sabbia su tela

How can an artist explore and transform a single element until it becomes the focus of his artistic expression? In this post I want to share with you some things I have discovered about Agostino Ferrari, an important artist in the Italian art scene, born in Milan in 1938.
Agostino Ferrari’s works are distinguished by his innovative use of sign, an element that has characterized and continually renewed his style over the years.

The works of Agostino Ferrari

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Vermeer’s concerto a trio: description of a lost masterpiece

One of Vermeer’s most enigmatic and discussed works is “The Concert for Three.” A lost masterpiece by the 17th-century Dutch master known for his intimate and luminous depictions of domestic life. This painting is one of thirteen works stolen during the famous theft from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990, considered one of the largest unsolved art thefts in history.


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