3 Tips To Help Artists Create The Perfect Home Studio

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Artists can find inspiration in so many different places, but it is always useful for them to have somewhere they can call home. The right studio can be a base of operations and the perfect creative space, while it may even allow your imagination to run wild.

But, where should you set up your studio? There are plenty of options on the table and some people may want to have a specific space solely for their artistic endeavors. However, for others, the home could well be where the heart is.


Creating a home art studio might not be for everyone, but it could offer some benefits. For instance, artists will simply be able to roll out of bed in the morning and get started on their work straightaway. In addition, if inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, everything you need is at hand.

Of course, setting up a home studio is not straightforward. There is plenty to consider when making the leap and here we have highlighted just a few matters that you may need to think about.


First up, do you have space for a studio in your home? While many artists might want to add a studio to their property, it depends on whether they have a location that could be used as one.  Is there a spare room or garage you could use or do you need to consider renovations? Remember, you will need an area that you can work in, while it should also be big enough to store your various tools and supplies.

If you are looking at renovations, think about how you might fund the work. The UK-based mortgage broker service Trussle specialises in recommending mortgage deals and it details how homeowners could remortgage for home improvements. It explains that you borrow money from your home and add it to your mortgage. It also outlines that some improvements may even increase the value of your home.


Once you have a location, you need to consider the overall feel of the space. After all, it needs to be an area that works for you – it should make you feel inspired and creative.

Another key issue to consider is lighting. A post on the Will Kemp Art School site looks at this issue in depth. It highlights several issues to consider, including the location of your window and the general style of your work. For instance, it suggests that reflected light might be useful in some scenarios.

Artist | Home Studio


Another crucial factor to consider is the equipment and supplies you have in your studio. Access to the right tools is vital if you are going to make your home set-up a success.

In addition, quality studio furniture may make a difference too. Jackson’s Art Supplies features a guide to the latter issue and references a range of easels. It also mentions drawing boards, print racks, and planchets.


There is nothing quite like a quality, well-equipped art studio, and having it within the home could offer plenty of benefits to some people.

If this is something you want to explore, hopefully, the ideas above have provided some inspiration on how to move forward. Creating the right space could make a major difference as you look to push forward with your latest designs and work.

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