Amsterdam in one day: what to do and where to go if you’re an art lover


Can you visit Amsterdam in only one day?
Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful European capitals, and maybe one day is not enough to visit it, but it can happen that you’re in Amsterdam due to business reasons or because the city is a stop towards other destinations.
It would be a pity to be in Amsterdam for little time and not to try to do what is really important, especially if you’re an art lover.

So, here are three ideas to visit Amsterdam in one day.

Amsterdam in one day

canali Amsterdam | vedere Amsterdam


Even though you visit Amsterdam in only one day you’d better not to miss out on the opportunity to admire the Rijksmuseum, the museum which houses the largest collection of Flemish art in the world and some masterpieces by Rembrandt, such as “The Night Watch”.
The Rijksmuseum is certainly the most important and most visited museum in the Netherlands and so, if you have little time at your disposal, you need to book your ticket in advance to avoid the queue at the entrance.

If you book your ticket you won’t waste your time and you’ll immediately start your visit.
In the post  Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: works, tickets and opening times you will find the link and information to book the entrance and a list of unmissable works.


Visiting Amsterdam on board a boat cruising along the city canals is one of the activities not to be missed, even for those who stay in the city only for few hours.
The canals have always been an important element, useful to promote trade and transportation,and the large mansions overlooking the waterways were once inhabited by noble families.

The best way to discover Amsterdam is to take a boat cruise along the canals. There are many possibilities, and the complete tour usually lasts an hour, so it’s perfect for those who have little time.

You may also combine the City Canal Cruise with a museum visit.
The best combination is the Rijksmuseum ticket combined with the City Canal Cruise.
For all information and to make your booking, just log on to the page – Canal Cruise & Rijksmuseum


One of the most visited museums in Amsterdam is Anne Frank House.
A place that preserves the memory of a painful moment in world history as well as in the history of the city: the Second World War, the Shoah, the Nazi extermination camps.
Visiting Amsterdam following in the footsteps of Anne Frank is one of the most interesting experiences you can enjoy, to discover the city from a different point of view and to look at it through the eyes of a young girl who left the world her precious Diary in order not to forget what happened.

If you want to visit Amsterdam in one day I suggest a guided walking tour, which will lead you to the discovery of the city thanks to an expert guide, and especially will lead you to the ancient Jewish Quarter, telling you interesting facts about the life of Anne Frank.
You’ll find out details about the Frank family, their attempt to escape from Nazi persecutions, what Anna’s father did after the war and how the Diary was found and became famous.
The tour lasts two hours and, obviously, ends with the visit to the Anne Frank House.

To book the Tour dedicated to Anne Frank go to the page – Amsterdam: Life of Anne Frank Walking Tour

Casa Anna Frank | musei Amsterdam

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