Discovering the Ancient Kitchens of the Castle of Miramare in Trieste

What secrets are hidden in the service rooms of a castle, and above all what do the Ancient Kitchens of Miramare Castle in Trieste have to reveal?
In the heart of Trieste, the Castle of Miramare has finally reopened the doors of its kitchens, revealing the secrets of a history also made up of scents and flavours.

In this post I take you on a tour of a new wing of the Miramare Castle accessible to the public, a place where you can discover what was prepared in these kitchens and what dishes Maximilian of Habsburg and Charlotte of Belgium liked to enjoy with their guests. A new stage of the visit to the Miramare Castle in Trieste.

The Ancient Kitchens of the Castle of Miramare in Trieste

After careful restoration, the Ancient Kitchens of the Castle of Miramare in Trieste are unveiled to the public, unveiling the culinary art of a time gone by but which still manages to amaze, also revealing a piece of Trieste’s history.


The new exhibition in Miramare Castle reveals fascinating details of the food culture and eating habits of the 19th century aristocracy.
Walking through the rooms of the Ancient Kitchens of Miramare Castle, one can imagine the dishes that were prepared, following the recipes of French and Austrian cuisine, one can guess what noises and scents invaded the rooms, together with the voices of those who had to imagine and prepare those dishes.

The exhibition gives us a unique insight into how lunches and dinners were organised at the Castle, but also allows us to understand how exotic dishes and refined desserts were served.
Impossible not to try to imagine the flavours loved at that time!


The restoration of the Ancient Kitchens of the Castle of Miramare revealed special attention to food preservation, starting with the location of these rooms. Indeed, historical floor plans have made it possible to reconstruct the organisation of spaces, discovering exactly where the cellars, ovens and pastry shop of the Castle were located.

Everything was designed to allow the cooks and servants to work at their best.
Unfortunately, the original furnishings have not been preserved, but the museum has set up the rooms with great historical rigour, respecting the original structure of the rooms and using new technologies to immerse the visitor in an absolutely unique visit.


The Ancient Kitchens of Miramare Castle are not the only reason to visit this place. Obviously there is the Museum route, beautiful and full of works and surprises, but there are also the Castelletto and the Bath of the Duke of Aosta, also recently opened to the public, which offer a rich cultural and historical experience.
Environments that allow you to discover the many other stories of Miramare Castle

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