5 beautiful bridges in Venice: history and art along the canals

Ponte di Rialto | Venezia monumenti

Il Ponte di Rialto

Have you ever dreamed of strolling along the canals of Venice and admiring the majestic bridges that connect its islands? In this journey through the city of water, we will discover the five most extraordinary bridges in Venice that exude history, art and enchantment.

5 beautiful bridges in Venice: history and art along the canals

Ponte dei Sospiri | monumenti Venezia

Ponte dei Sospiri

Today, there are some 438 bridges in Venice, 300 of which are made of stone, 63 of iron and 75 of wood. Some are true works of art and have spanned the centuries. The oldest bridges were originally footbridges without banks or railings. They were built from 813 onwards and have been making connections between the hundreds of islets on which Venice was built ever since.

Before diving into the discovery of the 5 beautiful bridges of Venice, be sure to take a look at the guide on what to see in Venice to fully grasp the magic of this unique city.


Let’s begin this fascinating adventure along the famous Grand Canal and imagine climbing the steps of a bridge that has shaped the history of Venice: the Rialto Bridge.
It was once made of wooden planks but was rebuilt in stone in 1591 after a devastating fire, surrounded by shops and shops. This symbol of the city of Venice embodies the link between past and present, testifying to the power of human ingenuity and the art of architecture.


Continuing our journey, we reach one of Venice’s most enigmatic bridges, the Bridge of Sighs. This marvel, built of Istrian stone, is shrouded in an intriguing legend: it is said that the wails of prisoners being led across the bridge inspired its name. Apparently, it was Lord Byron who made it famous by this name and anyone who goes to Venice dreams of photographing it.
However, you can also cross it, as prisoners once did. Just buy tickets for the Doge’s Palace in Venice and visit the palace, which includes crossing the Bridge of Sighs.


A leap into the 20th century takes us to the Accademia Bridge, a work of art that joins the Grand Canal and offers a spectacular view of Venice. Initially conceived as a temporary structure, this wooden bridge has earned a permanent place in the Venetian landscape.
Its great archway, spanning 48 metres, defies time and human ingenuity, proving that the art of architecture knows no limits.

Ponte dell'Accademia | monumenti Venezia

Ponte dell’Accademia


Every bridge tells a story, and the Ponte degli Scalzi is no exception. Built to connect the banks of the Grand Canal after the opening of the Santa Lucia railway station, this structure was initially made of cast iron but later underwent a radical transformation as cast iron could not withstand the saltiness of the Grand Canal.
Today its appearance is that of an elegant Istrian stone bridge and catches the eye of those crossing the Grand Canal, gracefully framing the surrounding landscape.

Ponte degli Scalzi | monumenti Venezia

Ponte degli Scalzi


Finally, we discover a unique Venetian tradition that took place on the Bridge of Fists. This small bridge witnessed the rivalry between the Castellani and the Nicolotti, who competed in a battle of fists from September to Christmas. The competition, which gave rise to a real fist fight that often had dramatic outcomes, was abandoned in the 18th century.
Today, the Bridge of Fists tells a story of fighting spirit and rivalry, a fascinating aspect of Venice’s past.

Ponte dei Pugni | monumenti Venezia

Ponte dei Pugni

Every bridge in Venice is not just a means of connection, but a fragment of history and art that spans the waters and eras. Each step on these architectural wonders will bring you closer to a unique experience, a window in time that will make you feel part of the eternal beauty of Venice.

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