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In summer some new ideas for my blog came to my mind, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to emerging artists every month.

In August I talked about the visions and the unusual objects of creative artists, and this month I’ll talk about Italian artists.

Marco Pasqual– In Marco Pasqual’s works computer graphics and manual ability are part of his creative process.
Pasqual transforms freehand lines into computer algorithms, creating an image that is completely different from the original subject. Then the image is printed on canvas.

For more information about his technique and his upcoming exhibitions, visit his website-

Andy Warhol Postumous Self Portrait

Pasqual_ Emilio Vedova Autoritratto Postumo_Fotor

Andrea Bertoletti– Andrea Bertoletti’s works represent reflections on the water, not only the reflected image, but also movement, waves and glares of light. Thanks to the use of different types of resin, when you touch Bertoletti’s paintings you have the feeling of almost touching water. That’s why these works of art are not only paintings to be admired, but also to be touched.

To know Andrea Bertoletti’s work better, go on his website –

Andrea Bertoletti | CANE THICKET Andrea Bertoletti | FIREWORKS ON THE WATER

Mattia Recupero– Colour is his passion, and he inserts it in his paintings, photos, and everything his mind can imagine.

Mattia is also a blogger, and you may find his creative world on his website – Il Recupero del colore

Mattia recipero quadri mattia recupero opere

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