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After telling you what books I use to introduce “my princesses” to art, in this post I’ll explain what didactic workshops organized in Venice by the Pinault Foundation to introduce children to contemporary art are.

In fact, until December 3rd 2017 “Treasure from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”, crazy and spectacular exhibition by Damien Hirst, is on view at the venues of the Foundation in Venice.
As I wrote in the post in which I talked about my visit (read about Damien Hirst in Venice), I liked the exhibition, and because I believe that it’s one-of-a-kind event, I decided to take “my princesses” to see it, and obviously I seized the moment and I saw the exhibition again.

I booked one of the workshops organized by the Palazzo Grassi Museum and Punta della Dogana Museum and dedicated to small visitors, and I addressed some questions to Alexis Sornin, responsible for didactic activities.
Here is what she told me.

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Caterina Art post Blog: What are the main aims of didactic workshops organized by the Palazzo Grassi Museum and Punta della Dogana Museum?

Alexis Sornin: The aim of our activities dedicated to children is to offer opportunities to discover contemporary art: thanks to games and practical activities art becomes attractive to small visitors, in order to raise awareness among them.

Caterina Art post Blog: What age groups do you work with?

Alexis Sornin: Workshops are dedicated to preschoolers (4-5 years old) and school-age children (6-11 years old), who can attend them either with their family or their class. For teenagers we have a special programme of activities.

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Caterina Art post Blog: What opportunities can the experience of a workshop held at an exhibition venue of contemporary art offer?

Alexis Sornin: We firmly believe that workshop activities are an extraordinary instrument for promoting and knowing art.
First of all, children can look at the artwork in person, and our workshop offers a time dedicated to observation and a space dedicated to interpretation.
Children play an active role in discovering and critically observing the artworks, and they find a spare moment and dedicate themselves to their personal expression.

Caterina Art post Blog: What activity have you enjoyed doing most with children?

Alexis Sornin: We hold workshops every Saturday afternoon, and every time is a surprise: the result of the activities depends on a combination of unpredictable and variable factors. It depends on the number of the children involved, their age, and their enthusiasm.
What is certain is that the result is unlikely exactly the way we expected.
It’s often surprising!

arte contemporanea | punta della dogana | musei Venezia

HOW TO RESERVE Workshops for families

When: every Saturday afternoon at 3pm at Punta della Dogana and at 5pm at Palazzo Grassi.
Duration: 1h30
Cost: 8€ per child
Free entry to the museum for children under 11 years
For more information and booking: (39) 041 2401304 or education@palazzograssi.it

Calendar workshops on the official website: www.palazzograssi.it – calendar workshops 

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  1. Ti ringrazio molto per le dettagliate informazioni che hai postato. Per la mia attività d’insegnante sono molto utili.
    Trovo i laboratori della Guggenheim realmente preziosi per accostare i piccoli al mondo dell’arte; anni ha ho portato piccoli di soli sei anni….
    Che meraviglia!
    A settembre proverò a proporre i laboratori didattici previsti a Palazzo Grassi
    Poi ti farò sapere
    Un caro saluto e Grazie
    Adriana Pitacco

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