The ideal dress code for an art exhibition

Who has never happened in their life to be invited to a reception or vernissage for an art exhibition or cultural display? Maybe it has happened rarely, but it is precisely on those few occasions that we often then have the question: how to dress?
It may not be as complicated as when choosing the right clothes for a wedding, which always requires a certain decorum and dress code, but you certainly still set foot in a refined environment. Here are some tips, therefore, for not making mistakes.

Don’t forget your wristwatch

The opening of an art exhibition is still an elegant event, and both the man and the woman need to think about what reactions they might elicit from acquaintances or strangers if they show up dressed scantily.

In men, for example, the wristwatch should never be missing.
Particularly for those who own a high-quality Rolex or chronograph, which represent luxury, the opening of an art exhibition is just the right occasion to put it on display. Rolex, for example, a sponsor of the Venice Art Biennale for decades, symbolizes the successful man, who is a figure held in high regard in the context of an art exhibition.

So, it is always a good idea to check if your Rolex is working before wearing it on your wrist, and perhaps, a few days beforehand, it is a good idea to go to some luxury watch service and overhaul center. Just in case you show up with a piece of junk, not working.
In short, etiquette in such a formal setting matters.

Men: how to dress for an exhibition

What about after the luxury watch? The same reasoning can be applied to the cufflinks of a shirt.
Always check that they are well-fitting and cannot break or fall on the floor, and speaking of the cuff, it is best to avoid bracelets that are too gaudy or too loose.
The reason is quickly stated. You never know that they might scratch priceless works of art.

Then thinking about the most appropriate dress for the male gender, it can be said that the shirt is just the one that fits a man of class.
Obviously not too fancy nor too drab. In short, always well groomed, clean and matched with the right pants. In fact, it is recommended to wear jeans that are not too sporty or a long cotton pant.

Avoid caps, which are also uncomfortable to hold under the arm or in the hand, and shoes that are too dressy, which may be uncomfortable over time.

Women: the dress code for an art exhibition

Women must also respect etiquette. So better forget too long and uncomfortable dresses, bare shoulders or too low-cut dresses. The ideal are pants of the “palazzo pants” or “gaucho” type to be paired with a nice classic shirt.

Of course highly recommended are heels and jewelry. Among the most recommended are thin, not too flashy necklaces and chandelier earrings, which can now also be purchased in online stores at a more than acceptable price.
For the bag, it is best to opt for a small one rather than on shopping bags. Even in case you decide to go to visit places of art or garden villas, as may be Villa Bardini in Florence, you can opt for a slightly less refined look, but you still have to remember that you are setting foot in a location that demands respect and has great historical value.

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