Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) Turin tickets

The Egyptian Museum in Turin is the oldest in the world and the second most important after the one in Cairo. It houses a collection of works and art objects that allow visitors to trace the culture of ancient Egypt. In this article I wanted to gather all the information about the best tours and tickets for the Egyptian Museum in Turin to make your visit unique. Among the museums in Turin, the one dedicated to Egypt is undoubtedly one of the most visited, although there are many attractions, some very curious, such as the automobile museum or an entire museum dedicated to coffee.

What to see at the Egyptian Museum in Turin

The Egyptian Museum in Turin is not only the oldest Egyptian museum in the world after Cairo, it is also a cultural treasure that houses one of the most significant collections of Egyptian antiquities. Among the most notable works is the Statue of Ramesses II, an imposing figure that captures the essence of Pharaonic grandeur. Then don’t miss many of the papyri, among the best preserved in the world, for a fascinating look at ancient Egyptian life and beliefs. In addition, the Tomb of Kha and Merit is an extraordinary exhibit that includes a wide range of intact funerary objects, offering visitors an immersion in Egyptian funerary rituals.

Come prenotare i biglietti per il Museo Egizio di Torino

My advice, which applies to many of the famous museums, is to book tickets online first (below is the link to book admission with the tour), especially if you plan to visit the museum on the weekend because the line at the entrance is really long. Booking tickets allows you to enter by skipping the line-you’ll have more time to devote to your visit. Along the tour of the Egyptian Museum Turin you will also find some multimedia aids that provide in-depth insights with 3D reconstruction of archaeological areas or show you the places where the objects came from).

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There are some tours and types of tickets for the Egyptian Museum that I want to point out to you in particular.

  • Family tour for children: this option will allow you to explore the museum in a fun and educational way, with a tour specifically designed for families. This tour is packed with trivia that will keep children engaged and entertained as they discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
  • Guided Tour: for a more in-depth experience, consider joining a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum instead. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get in-depth details about the exhibits, significantly enhancing your understanding of the collection.
  • Egyptian Museum Combination Ticket with City Tour: A way to maximize your visit to Turin with a combination ticket that includes admission to the museum and a one-hour guided tour of the historic center. This is a great choice for those who wish to immerse themselves in Turin’s rich history in addition to the museum.
  • ‘Torino and Piedmont’ Card Pass: This option is ideal for visitors interested in exploring multiple museums, over multiple days. The pass includes admission to numerous cultural attractions throughout Piedmont, offering significant savings on individual tickets.
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How to get to the Egyptian Museum in Turin

The Egyptian Museum is located in the historic center of Turin, at Via Accademia delle Scienze 6.
By train: arrive at Porta Nuova station and then follow Via Roma to the Via Maria Vittoria intersection.

  • By streetcar and subway: take the subway to Porta Nuova station and then walk to Via Roma. You can also take streetcar line No. 13 to Piazza Castello.
  • By bus: the available lines are 13, 55, 56, 72.
  • By car, where to park? There are two parking lots closest to the Museum. The Vittorio Park parking lot in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the Roma – San Carlo – Castello parking lot with three entrances: piazza Carlo Felice, piazza Castello and via Lagrange.

Mysterious Turin

The Egyptian Museum, with tales of this fascinating era, traces that atmosphere made of enigmas that pervades the city. Not surprisingly, Turin retains a mysterious and esoteric accent that can also be explored with dedicated tours, to venture among secrets hidden among the streets of the Piedmontese capital.
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