Flow, Italian and Chinese contemporary art in dialogue

Franco Ionda | Soglia di pericolo

Franco Ionda – Soglia di pericolo, 1990.


A contemporary Palladio welcomes you with the works of Flow, Italian and Chinese contemporary art which are on exhibition in the hall of the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza from March 25th to May 7th 2017.
Flow underlines the free flow of artistic expressions of two very different people, Italian and Chinese people.

The exhibition, curated by Maria Yvonne Pugliese and Peng Feng, presents 14 artists for the West and 10 for the East, including famous and emerging artists, and new proposals.
In all, there are 28 works displayed in a space full of natural light coming from wide openings of a palace built centuries ago by Andrea Palladio.

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Vicenza | Basilica Palladiana | mostre arte contemporanea

The set-up on the walls almost doesn’t exist in order to value the deep respect for the monument.
The works lie down on the floor or hang on essential scaffoldings; others are supported by strong cement pillars, while sounds and lasers fill the air.
This display embraces the aim of the project: to begin a close dialogue, also with the city, to offer it to the community.

In a historic moment in which such distant Countries have to get closer, art has the task of bringing the close relationships which can develop between different realities back to the fore.
A central idea which deals with topics that are very current accompanies the visitor to the discovery of these artworks: environment, technological innovations and hand-crafted production.

It’s up to you to discover all the possible connections!


Italian artists: Bertozzi&Casoni, Francesco Candeloro, Simone Crestani, Arthur Duff, Angelo Formica, Piero Gilardi, Franco Ionda, Enrico Iuliano, Eva Marisaldi, Giovanni Morbin, Margherita Morgantin, Roberto Pugliese, Cristina Treppo, Dania Zanotto

Chinese artists: Aniwar Mamat, Bu Hua, Chao Brothers, Cui Xiuwen, Geng Xue, Li Binyuan, Li Wei, Shang Yang, Tian Xiaolei, Yuan Gong

Arthur W. Duff | Scatter

Arthur W. Duff – Scatter / Cadaver, 2016 – courtesy Studio La Città, Verona.

Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza
Until 07 may 2017

Post written by Alice Traforti.


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