An interview with Francesca Pasquali – NOT ORDINARY PLACE

Francesca Pasquali artworks

Francesca Pasquali, Iceberg, 2016, transparent plastic straws on golden colour mirror polished Plexiglass, dark grey lacquered frame, diameter – 120 x 22 cm. Photo by Fabio Mantovani. Courtesy Francesca Pasquali


Francesca Pasquali is an artist who from the simplest objects and the study on nature creates works that involve the observer, transforming art into a multi-sensorial experience.

On the occasion of Arte Fiera 2020 she exhibits her artworks and Alice Traforti interviewed her for Art post Blog, helping us to understand the reasons for an exhibition where container and content are just one thing.

Francesca Pasquali – NOT ORDINARY PLACE

Francesca Pasquali exhibition

Francesca Pasquali, Spiderballs, 2017, red, purple, fuxia, grey plastic cobweb dusters, on metallic nets, wooden panel and metallic frame (110 x 90 x 24 cm. Photo by Fabio Mantovani. Courtesy Francesca Pasquali) – Francesca Pasquali, Spiderballs, 2017 blue, green, purple, grey, plastic cobweb dusters on metallic net, wooden panel and metallic frame (110 x 90 x 24 cm. Photo by Fabio Mantovani. Courtesy Francesca Pasquali)

On January 23rd 2020, on the occasion of Arte Fiera in Bologna, was presented the solo exhibition of the artist Francesca Pasquali – NOT ORDINARY PLACE, which has brought contemporary art inside the offices of Ersel in Bologna, located in one of the ancient palaces of senators scattered all over the historic centre of the city.

Together with the artist Francesca Pasquali, today weare going to tell you some more details.

Alice Traforti: How did the idea of the exhibition in Ersel home originate?

Francesca Pasquali: I have been working with Ersel for a long time.
I was invited, some years ago (2015), to present a work on the subject of white for a collective exhibition at the exhibition areas in Turin. The collaboration went on in 2017-18, when we arranged a solo exhibition.
So at the end of 2019 the idea of a new collaboration materialized, in my native Bologna.

Alice Traforti: In this exhibition the concept of place  is central. In your concept of space, can even the material be considered a place?

Francesca Pasquali: Container and content are crucial in my research, and they constantly interact.
Sometimes the space inspires the material; sometimes the material itself inspires the space.

The material itself has an intrinsic potentiality which is just to be shown and can be donated to the public for a 360–degree fruition.

Alice Traforti: What are your next projects?

Francesca Pasquali: I’m working on some new projects whose subject is always the material, which endless themes such as recycling, promoting waste, attracting the interest of the public, the public transforming into actor and part of the artworks stem from.
After all, without the public materials and art objects wouldn’t make sense and would be worthless.

Francesca Pasquali Ersel Bologna

Francesca Pasquali: Broom bristles, site specific installation for Francesca Pasquali – NOT ORDINARY PLACE (2020), Ersel – Bologna | Photo by Fabio Mantovani | Courtesy Francesca Pasquali

Francesca Pasquali artwork

Francesca Pasquali, New Baroque, 2016 Shavings of white Teflon on wooden panel and white lacquered metallic frame, diameter 140 cm. Photo by Fabio Mantovani. Courtesy Francesca Pasquali


Official website of Francesca Pasquali with works and exhibitions.

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