Keith Haring. About art

Keith Haring | Untitled

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1983, vernice vinilica su telone vinilico, 173 x 169,9 cm, Belgio, collezione privata. Courtesy Martos Gallery, New York © Keith Haring Foundation


Keith Haring was a bright meteor, who went through the world as light a feather.
He died at the age of 31, but he had enough time to become a great artist, leaving his mark, or rather his drawings, which call to mind other drawings and can go on forever.

Keith Haring. About art, is the first exhibition retracing the life and the career of this artist and will arrive in Milan (read also what to see in Milan: the museum you must see), and will make a comparison between his works and works by other artists and other artistic languages which influenced his work.

In this article you can find all the information, but if you’d like to know more aspects of the exhibition you can read Works by Keith Haring: About art

Keith Haring | ritratto

Keith Haring in un ritratto di Timothy Greenfield – Sanders, 1986

From Jean-Michel Basquiat to Andy Warhol and up to the animated cartoons of Walt Disney, this is an exhibition which will allow you to enter the coloured world of Keith Haring and his graffiti which have entered our lives coming from the bowels of New York.

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Keith Haring. About art
21 february – 18 june 2017
Palazzo Reale, Milan


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