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Keith Haring was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on May 4th 1958.
From 1976 to 1978 he studied commercial art in Pittsburgh, and then at the age of 19 he moved to New York to study at the School of Visual Arts. Arrived in New York, Haring began to draw graffiti and murals, becoming famous in the city.

His style, characterised by stick men, vivid colours and bold lines, soon became recognisable, and the images of his works and his basic characters spread even outside the township line of New York.

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Keith Haring knew Andy Warhol, and he achieved international success, too.
A new urban language was born, made up of basic shapes which resembled comics, and from the walls in the subways Haring’s works were exhibited in art galleries and museums all over the world.

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From Australia to Brazil, from France to Holland, Keith Haring’s works spread all over the world, and they arrived also in Berlin, where the artist painted a mural on the Berlin Wall near the Brandenburg Gate, 3 years before its fall.
His works are appreciated especially by young people, and in 1991 even MTV broadcast his artworks, contributing to his success.


Keith Haring was famous all over the world and began to spread the reproductions of his works by selling T-shirts and posters, and the Swatch Company commissioned him to design a series of watches.
Haring opened in Soho a shop in order to sell his merchandise, T-shirts, posters and other objects decorated with the reproductions of his artworks.
He wanted to make his drawings accessible to everyone.

Visuals by Keith Haring for Mtv.


In 1988 the artist was diagnosed with AIDS, and the following year he established a foundation to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organizations which took care of people suffering from AIDS.


Keith Haring painted his last large mural in Pisa on the rear wall of the convent of the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate.

He entitled his work “Tuttomondo” (“All world”), and dedicated it to universal peace.

He died on February 16th 1990.

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  1. Non sapevo che quello a Pisa fosse il suo ultimo lavoro. Dalle tue “pillole d’arte” imparo sempre qualcosa e poi spero di riuscire ad andare alla sua mostra a Milano! 🙂

    • In realtà Noemi non è l’ultima opera in assoluto, ma la sua ultima opera pubblica e realizzata per la collettività. E’ un grande vanto per l’Italia e per Pisa aver questo capolavoro 🙂
      Soprattutto perchè Haring amava l’arte italiana e l’aveva visitata spesso. Quindi è come se “Tuttomondo” chiudesse un cerchio nella sua parabola artistica. 🙂

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