The plot of time in the works of Nadia Nespoli

Offerte di tempo | Nadia Nespoli

Nadia Nespoli, Offerte di tempo


Artist Nadia Nespoli, in 2019, entrusted incarcerated men and women with skeins of cotton yarn and asked each to make a canvas, never unraveling it while doing so.

Each of the works of art bears the name of the person who created it and constitutes one of the elements of what can be considered a true collective performance.

The artist Nadia Nespoli

Nadia Nespoli | Offerte di tempo

Nadia Nespoli, Offerte di tempo (dettaglio)

The thread with which the works were made is of different colors (white, red, orange, purple, yellow, green, pink, blue) and also the dimensions vary, as well as the shapes (rectangles but also irregular polygons) and that describe the differences in age, level of education and life experience of those who participated in the project of the artist Nadia Nespoli.

The cotton thread symbolizes the thread of a bond and of the inner dialogue that changes and grows as the observer’s gaze observes the path taken by that very thread.

The artist Nadia Nespoli asked the inmates to collaborate by offering their time and it was an opportunity to tell the story of the prison from the point of view of those who live it every day, weaving relationships and trying to reconnect the threads of their lives.
Prison is a condition that a person does not choose but is forced to live because of actions taken at a specific time in their life. It is a condition in which time is often empty, slow and can be experienced hope.

In this project by artist Nadia Nespoli, the time of the inmates took a different and often unexpected form.
The thread of each work is sometimes broken, reknotted and resumed, but it does not go back and proceeds without second thoughts to give shape to what is not yet.

Each work is the representation of the plot of time and questions us about the time lived by each of the authors of these works but also about the time that we, who observe, are living. How many times have we made mistakes, without being able to go back. How many times have we had to start over? How much did it cost us to start again?
This says the thread of each work and shows us that there is always a hope, an after, that something good and beautiful can come giving completion to the work, despite the setbacks.

Nadia Nespoli | opera

Nadia Nespoli, Offerte di tempo


The works are on display from January 14 – February 15, 2022 in an exhibition entitled “NADIA NESPOLI. Offers of time” curated by Margherita Zanoletti.

The exhibition is the result of collaboration with Sesta Opera San Fedele, Laboratorio Artemisia, Fondazione Maimeri, Montali Studios, Soqquadri and with the support of Fondazione Carlo Maria Martini.

(in the morning by appointment, closed on holidays)


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