Veronica Green, Summer heart.

Veronica Green, Summer heart.



A collective all-female exhibition will take place in Milan up to November 11th 2016.

The exhibition, entitled Moonlight is a collective exhibition featuring works by 4 young artists under the age of 35, each one of them developing a distinctive artistic style, but sharing a strong personality.

Nicoletta Candiani, Veronica Green, Marta Mezynska and Rossella Terragnoli are the protagonists of this exhibition that will offer a cross section of emerging contemporary art.

Why should you visit this exhibition?
Well, it’s a storm of emotions, where artists’ emotions are all expressed in their artworks, ready to be interpreted.
Moonlight will narrate the different aspects of the creative process, made up of light and shadow, love and hate, freedom and chains, real life and life in atelier, searching constantly for an artistic creation.

Marta Mezynska, Darkroom II.

Marta Mezynska, Darkroom II.

From 2nd october to 11st november 2016
Federica Morandi art projects
Via Orti, Magenta – Milano


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