Museo Correr in Venice: a journey through the art and history of La Serenissima

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Have you ever visited Venice? Have you been there but feel you haven’t enjoyed the city to the full and haven’t discovered enough of its history? Maybe you also feel you have not seen the great masterpieces you were hoping for? Maybe you haven’t entered the Museo Correr.

In this post I will take you on a journey of discovery to a magical place, the Correr Museum in Venice, which holds centuries of history and works of art narrating the wonders of the Serenissima Republic. Get ready to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this city and discover artistic treasures that will leave you breathless.

Museo Correr in Venice: a journey through the art and history of La Serenissima

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The Correr Museum in Venice, former residence of the Habsburg court and Venetian home of the King of Italy, stands today as a precious casket containing the memory of Venice from the 13th to the 19th century. Passing through the imposing Napoleonic Wing and the rooms of the Procuratie Nuove, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions and testimonies that marked the golden age of this unique city.

Before you begin your adventure in the magical city of Venice, take a look at our guide to what to see in Venice. You’ll find tips on iconic sights such as the Correr Museum, where you can immerse yourself in Venetian history and art.


The museum is named after Teodoro Correr, a member of a noble Venetian family and a passionate collector. Upon his death, Correr left the city of Venice an extraordinary collection of art as well as valuable resources and guidance for the conservation and enjoyment of the works.
His vision of a museum dedicated to the cataloguing and dissemination of art has been realised in the Museo Correr, which has expanded its collection over the years thanks to generous donations.

Located in St Mark’s Square, in front of St Mark’s Basilica and within walking distance of the Doge’s Palace and the Marciana National Library, the Correr Museum is an essential stop for those wishing to explore the history of Venice.
During your visit, in addition to the artistic wonders, you will have the opportunity to explore the rooms that hosted Princess Sissi during her stays in Venice and a section entirely dedicated to the Venetian sculptor Antonio Canova.


The Correr Museum is distinguished by its diverse permanent collections, each of which reveals a unique aspect of Venetian art. The museum tour is divided into four main sections.
The first, the Royal Rooms of the Correr Museum, will guide you through the rooms that were once home to princes and sovereigns. Next, the route dedicated to Venetian civilisation will reveal the daily life of Venice, with insights into the famous city festivals and maritime exploits that have characterised its history. In the Neoclassical rooms you can admire an extraordinary collection of statues from the period. On the second floor, in the Quadreria, you will find the most important masterpieces of Veneto art from its origins to the 16th century.

Among the must-see works is the famous sculptural group Daedalus and Icarus by Canova.


The 16th-century building of the Procuratie Nuove houses the Venetian Civilisation route, where you can learn more about the maritime history of the Republic of Venice and its famous festivities. Here you will find models of ships that ensured Venetian hegemony on the seas, including the famous Bucintoro, the ship on which the Doge celebrated the ritual marriage between the Republic and the sea. You can also explore the organisation of the Arsenal and the armoury.
A particularly curious and fascinating section of the museum is dedicated to the Venice of Arts and Crafts. Here you will find period objects, such as shoes and wigs, as well as painted ceramics from the 16th century and the xylographic matrix with which the famous 16th century bird’s eye view of Venice by Jacopo de’ Barbari was made.

If you are lucky enough to spend just one day, perhaps a Sunday in Venice, I recommend you spend some time at the Correr Museum, a place that enchants with its history and works of art. Find out more about this extraordinary experience in the post A Sunday at the Museum: Correr Museum in Venice.

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Entrance to the Museo Correr is included in the single ticket to the Museums of St. Mark’s Square which allows access to all the museums in St. Mark’s.
The ticket is valid for 3 months and also gives access to the Doge’s Palace, the National Archaeological Museum and the Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana.

The Correr Museum in Venice is an unforgettable journey through the art and history of one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Thanks to its collections and thematic sections, this museum allows anyone to immerse themselves in the glorious past of the Serenissima Republic, admiring priceless works of art. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this cultural treasure that will reveal the secrets and wonders of Venetian art.

Entrance to the Museo Correr is also included in the Museum Pass, a ticket to visit all the civic museums in Venice.

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