A new journey through art: Leonardo’s Last Supper

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Have you ever imagined a completely new art experience, immersed in seamless beauty? Well, the new route of the Leonardo’s Last Supper and the new spaces are about to turn wishes into reality.

In the world of art and culture, innovations are not only limited to what is painted on canvas or carved in stone, but also extend to the enjoyment of art itself. That is what is about to happen at Leonardo’s Last Supper.

A new journey through art: Leonardo’s Last Supper


A new era is on the horizon, thanks to a collaboration that marries the past and the future: the incredible contribution of 800,000 euros from the Investindustrial Foundation is a generous donation that starts a revolution in the way we experience art. This incredible initiative, which is intertwined with the National Programme for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR), represents a bold step towards an improved and more accessible artistic journey of the Last upper by Leonardo.

The voice of art has no boundaries, and this news, announced by the regional director of the museums of Lombardy, Emanuela Daffra, resounds like a long-awaited novelty.
The objective is clear: to make the experience of visiting the Cenacolo Vinciano a discovery free of barriers that hinder the pleasure of immersing oneself in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most fascinating works.
The heart of the project, developed in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, is the creation of an environment in which past and present blend harmoniously.

The new route of the Cenacolo Vinciano will be meticulously designed to make the flow of visitors easier, allowing them to admire Leonardo’s masterpiece without interruption.
In addition to the generous donation of the Investindustrial Foundation, a sum of around one million euro guaranteed by the PNRR will allow the financial realisation of this initiative. In total, an investment of around 1.8 million euro will create the basis for a revolutionary artistic journey.

Imagine walking through the refectory in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, admiring the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, venturing into the surrounding garden and completing the entire tour by fully understanding the secrets of the place that welcomed Leonardo da Vinci during the years when he created his most beautiful work.
This possibility is about to become a reality thanks to the possible addition of a covered, air-conditioned room next to the Refectory. This space will not only allow for a smoother experience, but will also offer ample space for interactive activities, educational workshops and hosting groups.
The visit, therefore, from the moment you book your tickets to enter the Leonardo’s Last Supper to the moment you leave with your eyes full of beauty, will be a unique and unrepeatable experience.
Art is a bridge between the past and the present, and these new spaces will make this bridge even stronger. And what better way to preserve and protect the artistic heritage we love than through innovation?

The Investindustrial Foundation’s intervention, made possible by the generosity of the Bonomi family, is an act of love towards the Cenacolo Vinciano and towards Milan itself. This family, deeply rooted in the history and social fabric of the city, conveys a strong message: art is a bond that spans the centuries and a heritage to be cherished with dedication.

The path towards these transformations is already mapped out.
According to the PNRR timetable, work should start by 30 June 2025 and be completed by the end of the following year. This development will be more than just a renovation; it will be a step forward in the experience of connecting with art.
The Cenacolo Vinciano is preparing to reveal a new face, a new soul and a new way of exploring art without borders.

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